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Below are historic landmark properties for sale within the Hickory, NC region.   No property is sponsored or specifically endorsed by the Hickory Landmarks Society.  HLS receives no remuneration.  Listed solely for the benefit of interested, preservation minded buyers.

Colin M. Yoder House (1921)
National Register of Historic Places
111 Fifth Ave., NE
For sale by the Hickory Landmarks Society
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William B. Councill House (1902)
118 Third Ave., NE
National Register of Historic Places


Perry-Bolick House (1930)
National Register of Historic Places
422 3rd Ave. Dr SE
(currently under rehabilitation)
Owners: Allan and Starry Jones, Black Mountain, NC

Craftsman Bungalow Style (1945)
439 8th St., NW
Oakwood/Hillcrest area

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