M. G. Crouch Lumber Co. Collection - Contracts

Part of the Crouch Lumber Collection is an set of over 350 contracts for home construction and remodeling projects. The contracts are available for inspection by prior arrangement.

If you would like more information on a particular document, please contact Hickory Landmarks Society who holds the Crouch Lumber Company archives.

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wooden dental molding

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Last Name First Name Date Address City Notes Job #
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Abernethy Andrew D., Dr. 26/8/1949

New Job at Lake
Abernethy David, Dr. & Mrs. 21/5/1955

Abernethy Don, Mr. and Mrs. 01/3/1973

Abernethy Fred A., Mr. and Mrs. 22/1/1947

Cline - Fire Job
Abernethy G. Shuford, Dr. 14/12/1950
Newton New House
Abernethy Joe L., Mr. and Mrs. 08/1/1954

Abernethy P.L., Mr. and Mrs. 01/11/1937

Abernethy W.L., Mrs. 01/5/1937

Adams John Q., Mr. and Mrs. 01/4/1936

Aderholt V.V., Prof. and Mrs. 04/4/1938

Advent Christian Advent Christian Church 16/6/1949

Alexander A., Mr. and Mrs. 27/5/2012

Allen Austin, Mr. and Mrs. 07/3/1966 20th Ave. Dr. NW

Allen David L. Mr. and Mrs. 21/5/1955

Altrusa Club Altrusa Club 09/9/1950 Eastview Acres Ext.

Anderson W. 01/10/1932

Archard Lucien, Mr. and Mrs.

Armstrong Mary, Mrs. 01/5/1933

Arndt C.F., Mr. and Mrs. 08/3/1962 119 Hibriten St. Lenoir

Arndt George, Mr. and Mrs. 07/8/1954

Atwood P.A. 15/9/2012

Austin O.B., Mr. and Mrs. 01/9/1937

Ballenger T. Cass, Mr. and Mrs. 02/5/1963 635 4th St. NE

Balls Creek Balls Creek Elementary School 06/3/1956 631 4th ST. NE
Misc. & Addition
Bangle John, Mr. and Mrs. 24/2/1960 1000 Block 15th Ave. NW

Bass C.A., Mr. and Mrs. 01/5/1936

Beach Clarence, Mr. and Mrs. 25/10/1961 South on 64-70
Behind CVTC
Bean Ned, Mr. and Mrs. 05/8/1981 61 20th Ave. NW

Belk R.B., Mr. and Mrs. 14/1/1948

Bell Robert G., Mr. and Mrs. 20/6/1962 1810 2nd St. NW (763 N. Center St. )

Benfield J.G., Rev. and Mrs. 01/1/1936

Bethany Baptist Bethany Baptist Church 13/3/1953 Hildebran Road

Biggs James E. 15/10/1959

Bisanar Catherine, Dr. and Miss Ruth 26/9/1951

Black Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. 16/7/1952 647 4th ST. NE

Blackstone Knitting Blackstone Knitting Mills 08/7/1940

Blackwelder Andrew L., Mr. and Mrs. 08/2/1960

Boisseau Alex C., Mr. 01/2/1956

Bolick Annie, Mrs. 15/9/1938 502 9th St. NW

Bolick Susie, Mrs. 19/11/1938

Bolick Vincent, Mrs. & Mary Francis 16/10/1974 Valdese Weavers
Residence Remodel
Bouchard Henry, Mr.


Bovender A.C., Mr. and Mrs. 22/2/1949

Brewer Vernon W., Mr. and Mrs. 18/2/1947

Brittain Albert, Mr. and Mrs. 22/9/1972 5th St. NW

Brittain Conrad, Mr. and Mrs. 01/12/1972
Granite Falls

Brittain Marvin, Mr. and Mrs. 26/9/1952

Brookshire Thomas H., Mr. and Mrs. 10/4/1954 604 2nd St. NE

Broome K.W., Mr. 01/2/1931

Bumbarger Paul, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. 29/9/1958 End Sandy Ridge Rd. New House

Bumbarger Paul, Mr. and Mrs. 03/1/1950 354 5th St. NW

Bumbarger Robert B. and Thomas V. 20/3/1952 800 Block 8th Ave. NW

Bumbarger Robert B., Mr. and Mrs. 07/1/1958

Bumgarner and Britt Donald and Lucille 23/3/1962 14th Ave. NW

Burns Nellie & Frankie Misses 07/8/1978 Lake Hickory

Carver R.W., Prof. 07/6/1938 600 Block 20th St. Dr. NW

Catawba Hosiery Mills Catawba Hosiery Mills 01/11/1935

Cavallaro J.W. Dr. 09/11/1963 4150 8th St. Cr. NW
Central Gas Company Central Gas Company 12/3/2012

Chandler Ted, Dr. and Mrs. 03/12/1959 Woodson Rd. Newton
Chapman Arthur


Clemmer Robert L., Mr. and Mrs. 05/7/1960 420 4th Ave. NW

Cline C.W., Mr. 12/5/2012

Cline J. Guy, Mrs. 19/6/1951 542 N. Center St.

Cline Lynch, Mr. 16/7/1952

New Job
Cloniger R.G. Mr. 12/6/2012

Cloninger R.G., Mr. and Mrs. 28/8/2012

Copeland Carson N., Mr. and Mrs. 16/2/1961

Crouch Clarence

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Davis Gertrude, Miss 01/3/1935

Davis John, Dr. 03/3/1954

DeHart George Ray, Mr. 24/5/1974

Old H. Fox home
Deitz Ora 29/4/2012

Deitz W.P., Mr. and Mrs. 01/5/1937

Dixon Charles D., Mr. and Mrs. 03/6/1963 beside A&P
Log Cabin Job
Drum J. Clifton, Mr. and Mrs. 11/2/1957

Drum P.D., Mr. and Mrs. 01/2/1937

Drum Ted, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. 16/9/1963

Duggins L.L. 12/11/2012

Duke Power Duke 28/3/2012

Duling W.H., Mr. 30/8/2012

Edgars Mr. & Mrs. 01/10/1935

Ellington/Frazier Ellington/Frazier 28/2/1953

Ennis T.L., Mrs. 19/11/1974 540 11th Ave. Cir. NW

Erikson C. Fred, Mr. and Mrs. 13/5/1958

Fairbrook Fire Dept. Fairbrook Fire Dept. 09/1/1962

Fennell Edward M., Mr. and Mrs. 20/3/1964 556 North Center St.

First National Bank First National Bank 01/7/1934

Fitzgerald Fred, Mr. and Mrs. 26/2/1957 Northlakes

Fleming A.N. Mr. 01/3/1933

Fleming Glenn, Mr. and Mrs.


Flower E.L. 01/1/1933

Flower Henry, Mr. 01/3/1935

Flowers Vernon W., Mr. and Mrs. 17/6/1971 510 1st Ave. NW
Forlines John A., Mr. and Mrs. 13/7/1965 18th St.

Fox Carol G., Mrs. 30/10/2012

Fox J. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. 31/5/1957 542 10th St. Dr. NW

Frans L.P. Mr. 12/9/1955

Friday Robert L., Mr. and Mrs. 24/8/1973

Fritz William, Dr. and Mrs. 12/12/1951

Fuller George A., Mr. and Mrs. 01/12/1936

Fuller Manley K., Mr. & Mrs. 23/2/1955 214 9th Ave. NE

Furlong James, Mr. & Mrs. 09/10/1952
Cleveland Co. New House Job
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Gardner Shelby, Mrs. 01/9/1931

Garrett M.W., Mr. and Mrs. 07/6/1956

Garrou Louis W., Mr. and Mrs. 02/7/1962

Gibbs Jack, Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1937

Gibbs Robert, Mr. and Mrs. 11/11/1958

Gilbert Perry 16/8/1940 1015 16th Ave.

Gilissen Philippe William 04/10/1960

Gilley J.L., Mr. 30/5/2012

Glasheen John J., Mr. and Mrs. 21/4/1976

Golden T.S., Mr. and Mrs. 01/3/1936

Goode T.V, Mrs. 01/9/1934

Goodson C.L. Mr. and Mrs. 12/11/1938

Goodson L.C., Mr. 27/5/2012

Gouge Sherrill, Mr. and Mrs. 10/5/1955 110 Edgewood St. Morganton

Graves L.M., Mr. 01/1/1935

Green C.L., Mr. and Mrs. 29/5/2012

Green D.M., Dr. 15/6/1942 8th Ave. NE

Grier John, Mr. and Mrs. 02/10/1954 521 3rd Ave. NW

Griffin H.W., Dr. and Mrs. 11/7/1960

Hildebran Fire Station
Grill Henry 07/7/1959

Grothe Edna W.


Grove Building Grove Building

Guarino Guy J., Dr. and Mrs. 09/6/1969

Hackney E.T., Mr. and Mrs. 01/3/1936

Hall William R., Mr. and Mrs. 08/2/1955 7th Ave. NW
Hampton and Whitaker Minnie, Miss and ??? 27/5/2012

Harris D.A., Mr. 01/7/1935

Hart W.B. Mr. 22/8/1938

Hawn C.L., Mr. and Mrs. 12/11/2012

Heavner Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. 12/7/1979 929 14th Ave. NW

Hefner B.Y., Mr. and Mrs. 01/3/1937

Helms J.B., Dr. 19/11/1958

Hemphill Samuel M., Mr. and Mrs. 26/1/1966

Henkel G.O., Mr. and Mrs. 01/3/1937

Hester Joe, Mr. and Mrs. 27/8/1938

Hewitt R.D., Mr. 30/4/2012

Hickory Flour Mills Hickory Flour Mills 01/2/1936

Hickory Home Hickory Home Furnishings Mart 07/3/1980

Hickory Motel Hickory Motel 20/12/1961

Hilts Ed L., Mr. and Mrs. 15/4/1955

Hollar James C., Dr. and Mrs. 09/12/1971

Hollar James C., Dr. and Mrs. 13/5/1979 614 4th St. NE

Hollar Kathleen M., Mrs. 25/6/1975 1064 6th Ave. NW

Hollar Minnie, E., Miss 01/5/1934

Hollar Steve C., Mr. 01/12/1936

Honeycutt Grover G., Mr. and Mrs. 20/9/1979

Howard William H., Mr. 29/9/2012

Hudson Fred, Mr. 12/5/2012

Hudson J.E. (and Company) 21/10/1953 416 3rd Ave. SE

Hudson J.E., Mr. 12/3/2012

Hudson J.E., Mr. and Mrs. 08/11/1954

Huffman Floyd G., Mr. and Mrs. 02/9/1954

Mill Addition
Huffman George, Mr. and Mrs. 27/6/2012

Huffman Luther, Mr. 20/7/1938

Huffman Otus, Mr. 12/4/2012

Huffman Robert, Mr. and Mrs. 18/5/1955

Huffman Roy , Mr. 30/3/2012

Huffman Sausage Huffman Sausage Co. 10/12/1956

Hunsucker W.J. 01/10/1937

Hutton Donald, Mr. and Mrs. 20/9/1939 Timberlane Terrace off 17th St.

Hutton George N., Mr. and Mrs. 21/9/1978

Inman J.H., Mr. and Mrs. 30/10/2012

Inman John H., Mr. 01/1/1936

Ivey G.F. 01/4/1932

Ivey Leon, Mr.

Ivey Leon, Mr. and Mrs. 23/6/1965

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Jacob J.L., Mr. 01/11/1936

Jonas Charles, Mr. 01/12/1934

Jones Ed, Mr. and Mrs. 28/8/2012

Jones Emery L., Mr. and Mrs. 25/3/1953

Jones John E., Mr. and Mrs. 07/10/1961 2043 2nd St. NW

Jones Robert B., Mr. and Mrs. 18/10/1958

Joy A.K., Mrs. 01/11/1935

Katz Sam, Mr. 01/4/1934

Keever J.W. Dr. 09/3/1938

Keever M and B 14/7/1959

Keever T.S, Mr. 28/2/2012

Kenworth School Kenworth School 10/10/1956 18th Ave. Dr. NW
Fire Job
Killian J.M., Mr. 01/8/1935

Kincaid B.C., Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1933

King Ina, Mrs. 14/7/1938

Kinne David, Mr. and Mrs. 10/7/1979

Kirksey W.L., Mr. 29/6/2012

Knowles S.E., Mr. and Mrs. 27/6/1953

Lang J.A., Mr. 27/6/2012

Lawing Fred, Mr. and Mrs. 21/2/1953

Lenior Mirror Company Lenoir Mirror Company 01/3/1937

Lentz Frank, Mr. and Mrs. 01/4/1931

Lewis Brian F. 18/2/1955

Ligon Dan H., Mr. and Mrs. 20/12/1951

Little Lloyd "Sunshine" Mr. and Mrs. 11/6/1955

Little W.H., Mr. 30/4/2012

Long Ed S.

Long H.B., Mr. and Mrs. 24/10/2012

Lowman C.

Lyerly George, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. 28/8/1953

Lynn O. Nick, Mr. and Mrs. 25/6/1953

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Madan Gerard, Mr. and Mrs. 07/3/1954

Manor House Manor House Investment Co. 13/10/1981

Marion S.J., Prof. and Mrs. 25/2/1938

Marsh H.B., Mr. and Mrs. 27/5/1954

Martin L.L., Mr. 12/3/1954

Maynard R.W., Mr. 01/10/1934

McCall R.E., Mr. 29/3/2012

McComb David M., Mr. and Mrs. 01/7/1960

McComb R.H. 06/4/1938

McDowell N.M., Mr. 12/5/2012

McDowell William, Dr. 05/3/1955

McGinnis Burand, Mr. and Mrs. 04/10/1957

McNeely Carl 07/6/1982

McVey W.W.


Means Mack R., Mr. 31/8/1956

Menton Toy, Mr. and Mrs. 14/9/1951

Menzies Alex S. Mr. and Mrs. 27/8/1957

Menzies B.G. 01/1/1936

Menzies Donald, Mr. and Mrs. 01/4/1931

Menzies Philip (Bill) G., Mr. and Mrs. 27/5/1958

Merritt Eddy, Mr. 01/3/1933

Messick Dewitt, Mr. and Mrs. 28/10/2012

Middleton Doug, Mr. and Mrs. 14/11/1979

Miller H. Grady, Mr. and Mrs. 17/9/1980

Miller Herbert G. Mr. and Mrs. 26/8/1952

Miller J.H., Mr. and Mrs. 10/10/1970

Miller Ransom, Mr. and Mrs. 18/10/1938

Miller & Brooks Miller & Brooks Roofing Co. 10/1/1938

Mills Ellis, Mr. 01/3/1936

Morgan C.L.S. 18/9/1961

Morrell W.F., Mr. 29/5/2012

Morris Glenn, Miss 17/6/1964

Moss Ruth, Mr. s 12/10/2012

Nave William M., Mr. and Mrs. 04/10/1959

Newton Marvin, Mr. 05/3/1938

Norman E.J., Mr. 09/8/1954

Norman E.J., Mr. and Mrs. 15/7/1952

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Parker Bruce, Mr. & Mrs. 20/2/1951

Parrish Harry L, Mr. 13/10/1938

Patterson G.R., Mr. and Mrs. 01/7/1936

Peden James G., Mr. and Mrs. 07/3/1962

Pepsi Cola Bottling Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. 01/5/1962

Pepsi Cola Bottling Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. (Frans) 01/5/1963

Pepsi Cola Bottling Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.(Teeter) 05/11/1962

Perkins C.R. 01/6/1932

Perkins John, Mrs.


Perry Chester, Mr. and Mrs. 27/10/1961

Petree James P., Mr. and Mrs. 31/10/1970

Petroleum Contracts Petroleum Contracts 01/5/1936

Phifer Robert 07/3/1958

Phillips James E. and Nancy Kirby 21/1/1959

Phillips Johnny F., Mr. and Mrs. 07/8/1954

Phillips P. Vaughn. , Mr.a nd Mrs. 24/6/1953

Phillips Spurgeon, Mr. 07/1/1957

Pichon A.A., Mr. and Mrs. 09/7/1953

Pichon A.A., Mr. and Mrs. 07/2/1960

Poe D.W. Mr. and Mrs. 01/7/1935

Poovey Auburn L., Dr. and Mrs. 15/7/1953

Poteet C.M., Mr. 30/5/2012

Poteet J.M., Mr. 01/4/1935

Powell T.B., Mr. and Mrs. 01/3/1937

Pritchett James, Mr. & Mrs. 04/2/1938

Pugh James E., Mr. and Mrs. 18/9/1956

Pyle N.W., Mr. 12/10/2012

R.D. Dale Contract R.D. Dale Contract


Reese Earl, Mr. and Mrs. 01/10/1936

Rhodhiss Mills Rhodhiss Mills 01/6/1933

Rhodhiss School Rhodiss School 01/9/1932

Rhodhiss School Board Rhodhiss Schools 01/6/1933

Rhyne E.P., Mr. and Mrs. 01/2/1937

Rihani Fuad, Dr. and Mrs. 29/7/1982

Robinson T.C., Mr. and Mrs. 05/12/1971

Roseback John, Mr. 17/7/1981

Rowe J.M., Mr. and Mrs. 15/11/1955

Rowe Willis, Mr. and Mrs. 03/5/1954

Rutherford M.H., Mr. 12/3/2012

Rutherford College Rutherford College 29/9/2012

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Saine Joe, Mr. and Mrs. 22/1/1957

Sams A.F., Mr. 01/8/1935

Sebring Paul E., Mr. 01/8/1934

Setzer Albert, Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1936

Sharpe Jerry, Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1971

Shell Ralph J., Mr. and Mrs. 27/5/1958

Sherill O.T., Mr. and Mrs. 01/8/1935

Sherrill J.E., Mr. and Mrs. 01/2/1931

Sherrill Paul, Mr. 19/10/1938

Sherrod W.J., Mr. and Mrs. 01/8/1937

Shoaf Glenn C., Mr. and Mrs. 14/2/1958

Shoaf Glenn C., Mr. and Mrs. 23/2/1961

Shoaf Glenn C., Mr. and Mrs. 07/4/1981

Short Sam, Mr. 01/7/1932

Shuford Adrian L., Jr. 25/2/1959

Shuford Jake H., Dr. and Mrs. 12/5/1954

Shuford Joe, Mr. and Mrs. 29/9/1953

Sigmon Dan, Mr.


Sigmon George, Mr. and Mrs. 29/3/2012

Sigmon R.A., Mr. 01/9/1932

Sigmon Wilfred L., Mr. and Mrs. 02/8/1967

Sigmon Wilfred L., Mr. and Mrs. 31/7/1980

Simmons George, Mr. and Mrs. 21/4/1938

Simmons Harvey L., Mr. and Mrs. 20/6/1979

Simmons Raymond R., Mr. and Mrs. 18/6/1970

Simpson R.J., Mrs. 01/4/1935

Simpson Roy E., Mr. and Mrs. 27/3/1969

Smith Sid, Mr. and Mrs. 24/7/2012

Smyre M.

Smyre P.L., Mr. and Mrs. 29/1/2012

Southern Power Company Southern Power Company 25/11/2012

Spainhour Jack E., Mr. and Mrs. 12/4/1963

Sparks Gladys March

Speagle Paul, Mr. and Mrs. 20/9/1939

Springs and Gabriel John A. & Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. 09/5/1973

Starnes Perry, Dr. 08/1/1955

Stevenson Guy T. Mr. and Mrs. 02/2/1952

Stiff A. Olin, Dr. and Mrs. 28/3/1959

Suther Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. 10/4/1953

Sweetwater Sweetwater Baptist Church 20/3/1956

Taylor D.B., Mr. and Mrs. 01/7/1936

Teague C. Van, Mr. and Mrs. 05/12/1953

Teeter Mac, Mr. and Mrs. 20/3/1954

Terrell John W., Mr. and Mrs. 06/10/1958

Tilley Paul, Dr. and Mrs. 28/4/1972

Timber Contracts Will Austin 01/5/1937

Tise M 29/4/2012

Todd Brooks M., Mr. and Mrs. 18/6/1940

Todd David, Mr. and Mrs. 31/5/1981

Tomlin J.I., Mr. 21/9/1939

Townsend Earl, Mr. 29/5/2012

Townsend James A., Mr. and Mrs. 15/1/1964

Townsend Robert, Mr. and Mrs. 02/5/1956

Triplett F.S., Mr. 21/5/1940

Twisdale Lawrence R., Mr. and Mrs. 20/6/1962

Umstead E.H., Mr. 01/1/1933

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Valdese Weavers Valdese Weavers Inc. 27/7/1954

Vaughn L.H., Mr. 18/3/1940

Wagner Mr. & Mrs. 01/8/1935

Walton Elwood W. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. 08/4/1953

Walton J.T., Mr. 01/4/1933

Walton Knitting Walton Knitting Mills 06/6/1938

Walton Knitting Walton Knitting Mills 09/1/1951

Walton Knitting Walton Knitting Mills 16/2/1951

Walton Knitting Walton Knitting Mills 26/7/1951

Walton Knitting Walton Knitting Mills 14/10/1956

Walton Knitting Walton Knitting Mills 17/3/1961

Walton knitting Mills Walton Knitting Mills 01/2/1934

Weaver William, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. 27/3/1951

Webber James E., Mrs. 05/3/1982

West A.M., Mr. and Mrs. 11/5/1959

Western Carolina Power Western Carolina Power 24/3/2012

Whisnant C.L., Mr. 01/7/1958

White Edward L., Mr. and Mrs. 25/3/1959

White W.M., Mr. and Mrs. 20/8/1960

Whitener Harry E., Jr., Mr. and Mrs. 19/9/1961

Whitener T. Manly, Jr. 04/12/1959

Whitener T. Manly, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. 24/11/1965

Williams H.P., Mr. 01/5/1933

Williams Harry, Mr. and Mrs. 28/6/1952

Williams T. Richard, Dr. and Mrs. 20/7/1955

Winborne Brodie, Mr. 19/6/1981

WIngo Brownie Mrs. 16/1/1960

Wingo J.S., Mrs. 18/2/1957

Winkler Grove Winkler Grove Church 20/10/1959

Wooten Walter E., Mr. and Mrs. 17/4/1956

Wyke Fred, Mr. and Mrs. 20/7/1972

Yarborough C.R. 01/5/1935

Yeager Mason, Mr. 01/3/1936

Yount Ervin C., Mr. and Mrs. 01/4/1933

Yount M.H. 01/5/1937

Yount Worth, Mr. and Mrs. 01/8/1935

Yukevich Stan, Mr. and Mrs. 21/1/1975

Zahner Kenyon B. and Jane 19/9/1964

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