M. G. Crouch Lumber Co. Collection - Project Files

Part of the Crouch Lumber Collection is an set of nearly 400 files for smaller projects such as remodeling, renovations, cabinets and repairs. The files contain a variety of documents including sketches, drawings, invoices, orders, etc. The files are available for inspection by prior arrangement.

If you would like more information on a particular document, please contact Hickory Landmarks Society who holds the Crouch Lumber Company archives.

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wooden dental molding

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Last Name First Name Date Address City Notes Job #
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Abernethy Boyd E. & Dale 11/20/73-2/6/74 Old #10 Hwy Hildebran

Abernethy Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. 2/6/74-6/7/74 P.O. box 1492 Millwork

Abernethy Don, Mr. and Mrs. 01/5/1973 1220 Regehr Dr Charlotte 889-8641
Abernethy Helen and Louise, Misses 01/7/1975 414 Fifth st, NW
Res. Repairs
Abernethy Henry W. Dr. 01/1/1970 337 7th St. NE

Abernethy J.M.

Blowing Rock Spiral Staircase plans only
Abernethy Julius W. 01/5/1967

Abernethy Julius W. Retirment center 01/3/1980 Duplex Apt & Cottage Newton Wm. Reinhardt-Architect
Abernethy G. Shuford, Dr. 01/9/1980 404 3rd Ave. NE

Abernethy Memorial Church Abernethy Memorial Church 01/7/1965

Acas Joseph (FI) April-June 1966 Hinkle St Blowing Rock Paying for Glad Cook, kitchen remodel
Adams D.T., Mr. and Mrs. 01/2/1967 Box 245 Taylorsville

Allen Austin Jan 1966-67 218 1/2 W Ashe Ave. Lenoir

Amos Roberta 01/1/1987

Angelo Emanuel 01/3/1980

Annas Dulin L., Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1981 Indian Hills, Rt 7 Hickory

Anthony Richard, Dr. 01/5/1979 101 Montrose Morganton

Armstrong Buick Opel Armstrong Buick Opel, Inc. 01/7/1979 Hwy 64-70
Water Damage
Arndt Carroll F. 01/6/1975

Ashworth Derwood, Dr. 01/10/1964

Office doctors building
Augustana Lutheran Church Augustana Lutheran Church

Morganton Arch. Robt B. Salsbury Assoc.
Barlowe Frank

Barnhardt Roy, Mr. and Mrs. 01/10/1973 2031 10th St Blvd NW

Barringer Earl 01/9/1963 Forest Park Hickory

Bell Ira, Dr. 01/8/1974

Bell R.J. (Bob & Helen) 01/3/1971 336 1st St. N.E.

Bell Robert, Mr. and Mrs. 01/12/1980 1815 5th St. NW
Fire damage
Biggs Jim(James E.) 01/12/1966 Arch Office
Bissett David, Mr. and Mrs. 01/1/1970 318 3rd St. NW

Black Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1974 631 4th St NE
Addition to den
Blackwelder Barrie B., Mr. and Mrs. 01/12/1978

Blackwelder George, Mr. and Mrs. 01/5/1985

sewing cabinet
Blevins D.O. Mr. and Mrs. 01/11/1974 692 Ist ST NW

Bolick Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. 01/10/1979 25 Forest Ave Granite Falls

Bolick Ray Allen, Mr. and Mrs. 01/5/1986 361 Walt Arney Rd. Lenior

Bolick Vincent, Mrs. & Miss Mary Frances 01/10/1974 29 Forest Ave

Bolick Vincent, Mrs. & Miss Mary Frances 01/8/1979 29 Forest Ave Granite Falls Additions to Residences
Bollinger Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. 01/12/1966

Boone Construction Boone Construction 01/2/1992

Bost Cecil, Mrs. 01/4/1969 909 6th St Dr NW

Bowman Dwight 01/5/1984 Not Const. 1260 5th St NE( Catawba Springs-New Residence) Kitchen
Bowman James, Mr. and Mrs. May-Aug 1970 559 7th St NW
Bowman Wayne K., Mr. and Mrs. 01/7/1972

Boyd D.M. (Mark), Mr. and Mrs. March/April 1976
Lincolnton Job #7611, Add Family Room
Boyd Hubert, Mr. and Mrs. 01/10/1985 873 20TH Ave Dr. NW
Boyer Hugh 01/9/1967 824 7TH St NW

Boyer M.J. 01/11/1964 Farm

Boyles Wayne, Dr. 01/1/1994 1035 14th Ave Dr. NW
Kitchen, Dec 1987 Sewing Table, 1/87 Cabinets in Library, 5/88
Brandon W.P., Prof. and Mrs. 01/3/1965 867 5th St NE

Brannock James A., Mr. and Mrs.
223 8th Ave NW

Brewer Vernon (realty Co.)(Mrs. Edward(Sadie)Craig Apt.) 01/8/1966 361 5th St. NW

Brian Center Brian Center Jan 1990, July 1987

Bright Paul 01/11/1973 139 13th Ave Nw

Brittain Albert, Mr. and Mrs. 01/11/1972

Brittain Albert, Mr. and Mrs. 05/5/2012
Hildebran Carport
Brittain Conrad 01/12/1972

Bronnenberg Neal, Dr. 01/4/1974 Route 10

Bronnenberg Neal, Dr.

Fire Job
Brown Bobbie Lou 01/5/1978

Brown John 01/1/1980 Startown Rd. House

Brown Johnny 01/6/1978

Brown Mace 01/6/1977 2219 5th St, Ne

Broyhill Paul Nov 64-Feb 1967

Bumbarger R.B., Mr. and Mrs. 01/12/1966

Burgin Wilburn G., Mr. and Mrs. 01/4/1966 Route 3 Sandy Ford Road Newton Kitchen
Burlington Ind. (Rhodhiss Mills) Burlington Ind. 05/5/2012
Rhodhiss Multiple Jobs
Burns Nelle 01/6/1963

Burns Nelle & Frankie 9/78-1979 406 6th St NW

Butner W.E.(William & Ann) 01/6/1973 657 20th Ave DR NW

Butner Gene, Mr. and Mrs. 01/3/1973

Caldwell H.B. 01/12/1966 Millwork Covenant Meth. Gastonia Estimate (New Sanctuary)
Carpenter Pat 01/8/1977 Dr. McDonnell Clinic

Carswell Jon 01/10/1976 Rt 3 Granite Falls

Carter Edna S. (Mrs. G.K.)
206 S. Center St

Carter Jim 01/2/1975 1969 12th St NE Huntington Hills

Cauble W.L. Jr. 01/9/1979 30 8th Ave NW

Cavallaro Joe W., Dr. and Mrs. 1963-64

Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce 01/12/1976 4 St SW Hickory

Chou David, Mr. and Mrs. 01/9/1967 768 8th St NE

City Of Hickory Fire Department City of Hickory Fire Department 7/14-8/14/81 19 2nd St. Dr. NE Hickory Repairs
Clarke Neil, Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1964 607 N. Center St.

Coleman N.A., Mr. and Mrs. 01/9/1970 2035 2nd St. NW

College Pharmacy College Pharmacy 01/12/1969

Corbett M.J. (Marion), Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1967
Valdese? *5 Files*
Country Shop Country Shop 01/4/1967

Crouch Conrad 01/01/1947

4 8th Ave. NW

  *1 File Jan. 1947-Feb 1948  
Crouch Lawrence, Mr. 01/6/1973

Cummings Louise, Mrs. 01/11/1967 367 6th St. NW

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Dale F.C. 01/8/1975 Rt. 1 Maiden

Dalton Mollie, Miss June 71-75
Granite Falls

Datnoff Phillip, Mr. and Mrs. 01/10/1968 112- 8th Ave NW
Davidson Joe, Mr. and Mrs. 11/76- 12/76 900 6th St. Dr NW The Pines Kitchen
Davis G. Earl, Mr. and Mrs. 01/10/1970 6th St. NW

DeHart Wayne 01/10/1966 Rt 3 Box 480 Hickory New Res.(Kool park Rd).
DeHart Wayne, Mrs. 01/3/1970 Apt
Converting Basement into Apt. Rental House?
Dellinger Faye 01/3/1974 (Brookwood Furn.)
Deltart Ray(George R.) 01/5/1974 Rt 1 Newton
Detter Ava, Mrs. 01/1/1979 Route 3

Dick Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. 01/5/1979 629 2nd Ave NW

Dietz Rose, Mrs. 01/4/1978 New Residence
Cabinet Work
Digh Earl, Mr. and Mrs. 01/10/1985 105 Valdese Ave Morganton

Dixon Charles, Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1968 New Residence Hickory

Dixon Charles, Mr. and Mrs. 01/8/1980 217 7th St NE Conover

Dockery Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1985 730 6th St. NW

Drum Clifton, Mr. and Mrs.

Enclosing rear porch
Drum Ted, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. 01/4/1963

East Jefferson Builders Mart East Jefferson Builders Mart 87/91
Jefferson, NC

Easterling William R, Mr. and Mrs. 01/5/1975 204 6th St NE Conover

Eddy Norman, Mr. and Mrs. 01/2/1981 961 36th Ave Cir NE
Close in back porch
Ellinwood Hulda, Mrs. 05/5/2012 316 4th St NW Georgian Apts) Rental Property
Ennis Drue, Mrs. 01/11/1974 2nd St & 20th Ave Dr NW, Rt 10 Hickory

Ennis George, Dr. 01/3/1975 1805 2nd St NW

Episcopal Church of Ascension Episcopal Church of the Ascension 01/9/1974

Family Guidance Center Family Guidance Center 01/12/1973 2311 Springs Rd.

Faw Jack, Mr. and MRs. 01/4/1969

Fennell E. M. 01/4/1964

Finley R.G.

First Baptist Church First Baptist Church Feb. 1975

First Methodist Church First Methodist Church 01/5/1977

First Methodist Church First Methodist Church 01/7/1977

First Methodist Parsonage First Methodist Parsonage 01/1/1979

First Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church 10/21/64-5/9/65

Educational Building Alterations
Fitzgerald Fred 01/1/1964

Flowers Ralph 01/1/1964

Flowers Vernon 01/1/1973

Fluhaity J. Orland, Mr. and Mrs. 01/1/1980 765 8th Av Dr. SE

Forlines John 01/1/1965
Granite Falls

Fox C.G. Lumber Co. 01/1/1964

Fox Frankie, Mr. and Mrs.

Fox Howell 01/4/1975

Frans Jean, Miss 1963-64

Frick Terry 01/1/1964

Friday Bob, Mr. and Mrs. 01/1/1974

Friendship Church Friendship Church 01/1/1967

Frizell Const. Frizell Const. 01/1/1989

Fry John 01/1/1969

Frye Seth, Mr. and Mrs.

Fullers Paul 01/1/1983

Furlong James, Mr. and Mrs. 01/7/1973

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Gaines Forest, Mr. and Mrs. 1965-1968 743 3rd St. NE Hickory Kitchen Fire Damage Replacement
Gaines Forest, Mr. and Mrs. Oct. 1967 743 3rd St. NE

Gaither Al, Mr. and Mrs. 01/1/1976 821 Woodson Dr. Newton

Gaither Al, Mr. and Mrs. 1976-1979 821 Woodson Dr. Newton

Gaither Hugh, Mr. and Mrs. 01/7/1975 1005 North Frye St. Newton

Gaither Hugh, Mr. and Mrs. 6/5-9/12/75 1005 N Frye. St. Newton Whole House Repairs
Garrison Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. 6/6/66-11/24/67 747 N. Center St. Hickory Building New Residence

Garrou Henry J. Jr. 01/1/1965
Valdese Bathroom Plans
Garrou Louis 1963-64

Garrou Louis, Mr. and Mrs. 7/2/62-5/14/63
Valdese Home Remodeling &Repairs
Garrou Mary 01/1/1968

Garrou Sonny 01/1/1965

Geitner Clem, Mr. and Mrs. 12/30/96-9/30/97 14th Ave Dr Hickory Kitchen Plans
Geitner Clement & Mary Elizabeth 1996-97

Geitner Walker 01/1/1973

Geitner Walker, Mr. and Mrs. 1/15/73-1/5/74 420 4th Ave NW Hickory House Blueprints & Bathroom Detail Plan
Geitner Walker, Mr. and Mrs. 7/15/64-10/22/64 420 4th Ave NW Hickory Reworking Old Garage into Guest house

General Electric Co. General Electric Co. 01/1/1959

George Josephine, Miss 3/20/65-6/8/65 542 N. Center St Hickory Home Remodeling & Repairs
Gladden Dwight, Mr. and Mrs. 01/1/1982
Hickory Work on residence( Kitchen)
Glasheen Jack, Mr. and Mrs. 4/1/76-2/23/78 10th St. Blvd NW Hickory New Residence Work
Good Peter, Mr. and Mrs. 1/18/80-3/4/82 307 3rd Ave Dr. NW Conover Home Remodeling
Goodman B.W., Dr. and Mrs. 1/11/65-8/27/65 2nd Ave NE Hickory Home Remodeling
Granite Hardwood Co. Inc. Granite Hardwood Company 6/6/78-12/30/78
Granite falls Blueprints
Gregg Guy, Mr. and Mrs. Sept Abernethy Reirement Home
Kitchen& Bathroom Plans
Griffin Richard, Dr. and MRs. 8/1/69-1/20/1971 27 13th Ave NE Hickory New Residence
Grout John L. Mr. and Mrs. 4/25/77-9/13/77 P.O. Box 742 Hickory New Fireplace
Guarino Guy, Mr. and Mrs. 3/14/69- 6/17/71 18th Ave Dr. NW Hickory New Residence
Gunter Coke S. Dr. 5/24/74-8/9/74 817 8th Ave. NE Hickory Cabiner & Casework Details for dental Office
Haas H.I., Mr. and Mrs. 01/9/1980 1960 12th St. NE Hickory New Residence(4th St. Dr. NE Hickory)
Harrell Bert, Mr. and Mrs. 6/12-12/12/77 605 West Union Morganton Home Remodeling & Repairs
Harwell John M., Mr. and Mrs. 01/9/1988 802 Manchester St. Lenoir Blueprints for hous e& kitchen plans
Heensford Steve

Heffner Jackson E, Mr. and MRs. 5/17/72-7/25/73
Hickory Alterations & Additions to Residence
Hefner Donald, Mr. and Mrs. 01/7/1967
Hickory Kitchen & Bathroom plans
Henry J.D, Mr. and Mrs. 1/31/72-3/27/72 823 14th Ave NW Hickory Home Remodeling & Repairs
Henson George 12/20/90-4/26/2001 Plaza Ridge #13 Hickory Home Remodeling & Repairs
Herndon William M. 01/9/1978
kings Mtn. Home Remodeling & Front Entrance
Hickory Business Furniture Hickory Business Furniture 2/4/97- 2/6/98

Door Openings Fpr Showroom
Hickory Construction Co. Hickory Construction Co. 62-66
Hickory Millwork Jobs including Oakwood school
Hickory Furniture Mart Hickory Furniture Mart 01/1/1967

Hickory Springs Co. Hickory Springs Col. 1/26/1959-66
Hickory Office Repair& Restoration
Hitchner Tracey, Mr. and Mrs. 5/20/66-7/29/66 4TH Ave. NW Hickory Home Remodeling & Repair
Hoff Greg 2/10/99-6/1/01

Hoffman Darlene, Mrs.
734 14th Ave N.W.
Kitchen Drawings
Holahan Paul J., Mr. and Mrs. 7/22/68-10/9/69 1845 9th St. NW Hickory House Remodel
Holdan Jim, Dr. 6/14/73-11/12/73

Holder Fredrick D., Mrs. 8/12/66-5/31/67 40 S Hibiscus Dr. Miami Beach, FL

Hollar James, Dr. 4/14/71-8/29/72

Master Bathroom
Hollar James, Dr. 5/11/79-8/30/79 935 18th Ave Dr. NW Hickory Converting terrace into Glassweed in Porch
Hollar James, Dr. 9/11/1973-7/14/74 943 16th St. NE Hickory Jet- O- Matic Carwash
Hollar Wayne 7/11/89-7/24/89

Holman Donnie 01/9/1983 2220 14th Ave. N.E.

Holman Doug E. 11/7/80-5/24/02 P.O. Box 311 Hudson

Hosteller Jack 4/6/71-8/31/71
Granite Falls Porch Remodel
Hovey George

Lake Hickory Pictures
Hovey George, Mr. and Mrs. 8/5/63-12/2/63
Lake Hickory Dining Room Remodel
Hudson Ed 7/13/64-12/1/64 540 Ave CL NW
Hudson Lindy, Mr. and Mrs. 7/26/76-2/18/94
Connely Springs Bathroom, Kitchen, and Outdoor/ Indoor Porch
Hunsucker Charles, Mr. and Mrs. 1/9/77-11/21/77

Kitchen-Dining-Utility Room, Master Bedroom Built-in
Hunsucker John F., Mr. and Mrs. 11/11/69-1/27/70 301 West J. St Newton Kitchen
Iteline Larry 12/16/96-8/12/2000

Front Entrance
Iterndon J.E., Mr. and Mrs. 01/12/1978
Kings Mtn. House Estimate
Ivey Leon, Mr. and Mrs. 2/3/65-4/18/66 1021 5th Ave NW Hickory House Updates
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Jeffers Charles 8/16/68-5/15/69 556 Cedar St. Hickory Home Remodeling/Repairs
Jeffers Charles, Mr. and Mrs. 10/1/65-2/14/66 556 North Center St. Hickory Bedroom
Jennings Clark, Dr. 11/12/71-12/15/71 912 2nd NE Hickory Doctors Office
Johnson James F., Mr. and Mrs. 2/28/80-5/2/80 Route 1 Box 522 Claremont Bathroom Remodel
Johnson Tom, Mr. and Mrs. 7/12/89-8/10/89 P.O.Box 1199 Newton Kitchen Remodel
Karslake Bill, Mr. and Mrs. 1/27/72-3/25/72 548 North Center St Hickory Home Remodel/ Repairs
Kayser-Roth Kayser-Roth 6/11/64-7/20/64
Hickory Roof Repair
Keiser Albert, Mrs. 10/12/82-11/19/82 1048 5th St NE Hickory Bath Addition on Porch
Keller Robin, Mr. and Mrs. 1044 14th Ave Dr. NW
Hickory Kitchen Blueprints
Kerkpatrick G.M., Mr. and Mrs. 4/1/73-4/18/75 P.O. Box 816 Taylorsville Repairs
Kester Louie, Mr. and Mrs. 5/8/75-7/30/75 625 4th St Dr. N.W. Hickory Back Porch
Keyes Richard, Mr. and Mrs.
100 Stoney Brooke Lenoir Kitchen Blueprints
Killian Rick, Mr. and Mrs. 11/22/88-1/10/89

Kitchen/ Bathroom Cabinets
Kinck Vivian, Mrs.
2727-D( Apt.39)North Center St.
Built- In- Desk
Kuhn Sadie, Mrs.

Kurad J. Ward, Dr. and Mrs. 5/27/77-10/19/78 1351 4th St NW Hickory Full House Remodel
Lackey John, Mr. 1/11/67-2/11/67 808 Berry Ave SE Valdese Kitchen/Dining Area Remodel
Lail Guy W., Mr. 7/22/80-10/7/81 1521 AE King St Boone Cabinets
Lail Leroy 11/26/73-1/31/74 604 8th St SW Conover Bathroom Remodel
Landis Landis Motors 01/10/1965
Hickory Repairs
Laughter Howard, Mr. and Mrs. 01/11/1973
Hickory Kitchen Repairs
Lawing Clara, Mrs. 1/19/78-4/13/78

Lawing Fred, Mr. and Mrs. 2/23/77-3/1/77
Hickory Roofing
Leonard Irene, Mrs. 11/15/77-12/14/77 14th Ave NW Hickory Kitchen, Bathroom & Utility
Lineberger Ann, Mrs. 10/31/70-5/3/70

Lineberger Bob, Mr. and Mrs. 2/5/82-2/22/82

Lineberger Eddie, Mr. and Mrs. 1/3/74-2/11/74 64- 24th Ave. NE Hickory Remodeling
Lineberger Steve, Mr. and Mrs. 3/9/77-4/4/78 5th St NW Hickory House Remodeling
Lipe M.P. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. 1/27/69-4/29/69 1482 6TH St NW Hickory Repairs & Kitchen Remodel
Little John C., Mr. and Mrs. 3/10/67-11/14/67 Rt 1 Box 326 A Valdese Bathroom Remodel
Long Thomas E., Mr. and Mrs
330 9th Ave NW Hickory Kitchen Blueprints
Love Marion, Dr. 11/1/83-12/24/85 548 2nd St NW Hickory House Remodeling
Lyerly Buddy, Mr. and Mrs. 10/5/75-3/21/79 1905 9th St. NW Hickory Multiple Projects
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MacDonald Mrs. 01/1/1967

Kitchen Plans
Mackie Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. 11/14/80-1/20/81 1 Sunnyside St Granite Falls Home Repairs
Martin James, Mr. and Mrs. 1/4/82-1/10/83 744 9th St. NW Hickory Fire Damage Repair
Martin L.L., Mr. 12/2/61-3/26/70
Hickory Shed to Office space
Maxwell Royal 5/31/63-9/23/63
Hickory Home Renovations
Mays Eldred C.( Mrs.) 01/3/1985

McCloy John, Mr. and Mrs. 9/3/70-4/25/72 730 5th Ave NE Hickory Renovations & Bathroom
McFarland Edgar, Mr. and Mrs. 7/22/83-11/9/83 527 25th Ave NW Hickory Kitchen Plans
McKay Pete, Mr. and MRs. 2/6/78-3/15/78 10th St. Dr. NW Hickory Kitchen & Bathroom plans
McLeod E.W., Mr. and Mrs. 7/12/75-9/20/75 147 Circle Dr. Salisbury Kitchen, Old & New Bath Plans
Means Mac 01/1/1964

Medical Arts Building Medical Arts Building 6/25/74-7/8/74 24 Second St. NE Hickory Panelling
Menzies Pete, Mr. and MRs. 01/3/1980

Bath House
Middleton Doug & Bobbie 1/80-7/1980 842 N. Aspen Lincolnton House Renovations
Miller Grady, Mr. and Mrs. 11/24/80-3/2/81
Hickory Kitchen & House Plans
Miller John, Mr. and Mrs. 2/7/80-2/29/80
Hickory New Residence
Mills Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. 8/9/71-10/31/72 P.O. Box 1088 Hickory New Residence
Milstead Margaret, Mrs. 4/20/77-5/16/77 46 Crestview St. Granite Falls New Porch & Steps & Book Cabinets
Minch Val 11/18/93-1/6/94
Hickory Millwork order
Moffit Glenn 11/28/75-6/12/79 Rt. 3, Box 322 Bakersville Custom Curved Stairs
Monroe Paul, Mr. and Mrs. 3/31/81-5/20/81 1021 13th Ave NW Hickory Wood Storm Doors, Chimney, Fireplace
Moore Danny, Mr. and Mrs. 11/12/79-6/12/80 Rt. 10 Box 902 Hickory Addition & Alterations to Residence
Morgan C.L., Mr. and Mrs. 7/18/61-10/30/62
Hickory Guest House & Swimming Pool
Morris Glenn, Miss 6/2/62-10/10/64 35 Crestview St. Granite Falls Home Renovations
Morris Tom 9/20/71-11/5/71 855 N. Center St. Hickory Home Renovations
Moser Gene 7/76-8/76 640 3rd St. NE Hickory Kitchen & Bathroom Plans
Mott Tom 6/16/69-10/13/69
Hickory Storm Windows
Mull J.P., Mr. and Mrs.

Home Improvement
Neal Earnest, Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1966 Morningside Apt,
Neil Bob, Dr. and Mrs. 01/9/1978 1304 5th St. Circle N.W.
Kitchen Renovations
New Jerusalem Lutheran Church New Jerusalem Lutheran Church 5/31/67-6/15/68
Hickory New Educational Building
Nichols Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. 9/19/77-12/20/77 328 5th Ave NE Hickory House Blueprints
Norris Council, Mr. and Mrs. 10/2/70-10/11/71

Norris Council, Mr. and Mrs. 10/8/69-1/9/70

O'Daniels Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. 9/24/80-11/3/80 108 Elizabeth Ave.
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Paulette Richard, Mr. and Mrs. 01/3/1985 543 7th St. NW Old Wel South Home Addition
Pennington Randy, Mr. and Mrs. 10/24/95-12/9/95 10/24/95-12/19/95
Kitchen Renovations
Petree J.P., Mr. and Mrs. 1970-1973 809 8th Ave. NW Hickory Whole House Remodeling
Pollock Jim & Sarah

Kitchen Blue Prints
Poole C.A. 11/8/68-12/3/68 829 sixth St. NW
Pope Jack L. 3/29/88-2/11/99

Remodeling & Repairs
Poulos George, Mr. and Mrs. 2/9/90-3/24/90 341 Englewood Dr. Wilmington Kitchen Blue Prints
Powell Dover 6/28/66-8/17/66 739 21st St. SW
Ceiling Fan
Propst Howard, Mr. and Mrs. 11/8/84-1/14/85 148 32nd Ave NW Hickory

Radio Station WIRC Radio Station WIRC 01/3/1966

Rawls Ben, Mr. 01/4/1973 641 4th St NE
Rector Carl, Mr.
Rt 4 Box 211 Conover Cabinet Drawings
Rhoney Howard, Mr. and Mrs. 6/30/71-10/30/71
Hidebran Bathroom Cabinet & Repairs
Rhyne Joe M., Mr. and Mrs. 8/5/69-1/9/70 Rt # 4 Lincolnton Kitchen Dining Room
Rhyne Jonathan, Mr. and Mrs. 6/23/70-8/11/70 Oak street Lincolnton Cabinets- Kitchen
Richards Frank 01/3/1965
Hickory Bathroom Cabinet Remodel
Rihani Fuad, Mr. and Mrs. 5/10/82-10/4/82 Rt 10. Box 1607 Hickory Renovation in Attic
Ritchie David, Mr. and Mrs. 8/17/77-10/17/77

Kitchen Cabinets
Robinson T.C., Mr. and Mrs. 11/7/72-4/11/73
Granite Falls Multiple Projects
Rowe D.G., Mr. and Mrs. 10/4/80-12/23/80 509 7th Ave NW Hickory Bathroom Renovation
Rowe J.M., Mr. and Mrs. 11/23/81-2/26/82 1335 12th St Dr. NW
Condominium Remodel
Russell Thad, Mrs. 2/15/77-6/27/77 P.O. Box 551 Granite Falls Remodel
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Schenck John, Mr. and Mrs. 7/31/87-8/18/87

Floor Repairs
Service America Service America 4/18/80-11/28/88 3050 Tate Boulevard SE Hickory Building Repairs
Sharpe Jerry, Mr. and Mrs. 3/17/71-4/13/72
Hickory Bathroom Remodel
Sherill Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs.
Rt. 2 Box 302 Newton Bathroom/Kitchen updates
Sherrill J.V. 9/1/81-11/6/81

Built in cabinets
Shoaf Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. 11/2/81- 3/2/82 9th St. NW Hickory Floor & Wall Repair
Showfety Joe, Mr. and Mrs. 11/18/80-3/16/81 33rd Ave NW Hickory Room Remodel
Shuford Archie, Mr. and Mrs. 2/13/64-4/24/64

Shuford Mills Shuford Mills 12/10/68-6/22/92

Multiple Projects
Shuford Mills Inc. Shuford Mills
P.O. Box 2228 Hickory

Sigmon Douglas 01/6/1981 Box 1215 Rt 5 Northlake Hickory

Sigmon Wilford 10/13/67-8/15/68 Rt 3 Box 296-D Newton House updates
Simmons Bob, Mr. and Mrs. 6/30/70-7/3/80 q
Custom Closet
Simmons Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. 6/9/79-2/21/80

Simmons Mercer, Mr. and Mrs. 10/7/83-10/14/83 P.O. Box 593 Lincolnton Updaes & Repairs
Simpson Annie, Mrs. 01/3/1969 2nd Ave NW
Simpson Roy E., Mr. and Mrs. 01/3/1969 11th St. Ext NW
Slack Charlie, Mr. 11/15/84-2/9/85

Smith Harry, Mr. and Mrs. 10/15/80-11/23/80
Granite Falls

Smith M.F., Jr. Mr. and Mrs.

Lake Hickory Blueprints
Smith Robert, Mr. and Mrs. 6/13/73-12/5/74

Smith Sam 1/21/69-2/28/69 P.O. Box 117 Hickory Carport
Southwood Showrooms/ Chicago Merchandise Mart Southwood Showrooms
3rd floor Chicago,IL 60654
Moulding orders, east Dock Space 329-331
Spainhour Jack, Mr. and Mrs. 3/25/63-3/4/64 3049 N. Center St. Hickory Residence Remodel
Speagle Rick 01/8/1985

Porch Door
Spencer Albert, Mr. and Mrs. 01/12/1973 1411 6th St CI NW Hickory Cabinet Door
Sperry Gordan, Rev. and Mrs. 01/8/1971

Spivey Alford Jr. 10/21/82-11/17/82 2nd St. DR. NW Hickory Water Damage
Spulier Robert, Mr. and Mrs.
747 N. Center St. Hickory Blueprints, Breakfast Room
Steele Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. 01/10/1982 Rt. 3 Hickory Proposal
Stevenson Guy 6/15/71-7/14/80 11th Ave CI NW

Stewart Bob Miller, Dr. 01/8/1965 14 3rd Ave NE Hickory Blueprints
Stiff Olin, Dr. 12/6/63-1/24/64

Stiles Lawson, Mr. and Mrs.

Kitchen Blueprints
Stogner Joe, Mr. and Mrs. 11/19/82-1/11/83

Kitchen Remodel
Stout Robert & Barbara 8/22/88- 12/23/88 741 Pinewood circle Mooresville Hardwoods
Swink Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. 5/19/81-9/15/81 1360 4th St. NW
Bathroom Remodel
Tarlton James V. & Judy 7/10/78-10/27/87 Lot 50 Moores Ferry Hickory Kitchen Renovations & Front Door
Tarrant Robert, Mr. and Mrs. 7/10/69-11/12/69 811 7th St. NW Hickory Home Repair
Teague Bruce 4/15/64-6/8/69

Home Alterations
Teague C. Van, Mr. and Mrs.
615 N. Center St. Hickory New Bathroom Plans
Teague Grace, Mrs. 3.12.81-3/17/81 Rt. 1 Box 66 Taylorsville Kitchen Plans
Teague Wison, Mr. and Mrs. 1/15/80-1/17/80 1236 9th St. NW Hickory New Windows
Teeter J. Mac 01/7/1964

Side Walk & Steps quote
Terrill John, Mr. and Mrs. 7/28/65-2/19/66
Hickory Additions & changes to residence
Thomas Ken, Mr. and Mrs. 3/12/85-8/22/88
Hickory Kitchen Plans & Bookcase
Thomason Gene & Betty Sue

Kitchen Plans
Thompson Fred, Mr. and Mrs. 01/8/1982 317 Cedar St. Lincolnton Bathroom Plans
Thornton Jack, Dr.

Entertainment Bookcase
Tilley Paul, Dr. and Mrs. 2/7/72-1/4/74 P.O. Box 428 Hudson New Residence
Tillman Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. 2/12/69-7/71 340 9th St. NW Hickory Home Renovations
Townsend Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. 11/29/63-6/14/64
Hickory Residence Renovations
Townsend Robert, Mr. and Mrs. 1966 & 1982
Hickory Home Renovations
Trado Dr. & Mrs. 01/1/1964 333 2nd P. N.W. Hickory Kitchen Plans
Treadwell W.B., Mr. and Mrs. 9/30/80-10/2/80 603 N. Center St. Hickory Home Repairs
Tripplett Roger 01/9/1986

Turpin J. Mrs. 8/20/79-10/8/79 615 4th St. NE Hickory Home Renovations
Underdown P.C., Neil, Mr. and Mrs. 1//11/71-10/15/71 449 1st St. NE Hickory Home Alterations
United Church Reirement Home United Church Retirement Home 01/1/1981
Newton Renovations
United Parcel Service United Parcel Service 01/3/1980 22 17th St. NW Hickory Shop repair
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Valley Hills Mall Valley Hills Mall 01/10/1982 Hwy 64-70 East Hickory Benches & Railing Detail
Vanderbloeman Richard L., Mr. and Mrs. 9/26/78-11/18/82 5th Ave. NW Hickory Additions & Alterations to Residence
Venture Furniture Company Venture Furniture Company 12/3/79-6/24/83

Repairs & Remodeling
Walker Glenn 01/3/1967

Gold Seal Wood window Units
Walton Knitting Mills Walton Knitting Mills 9/11/69-9/30/69

New Offices
Walton Mill Walton Mill 01/8/1966
Hickory Boiler Room
Watts John, Mr. and Mrs. 9/21/63-11/14/64 246 2nd Ave SE Hickory Home Alterations
Weathersby Bob, Mr. and Mrs. 10/28/70-4/29/71 357 5th St. NW Hickory Bathroom
Weaver Ray 8/16/69-10/27/71

Home Remodeling
Wells J.E., Mr. and Mrs. 3/10/77-4/15/77 333 7th St. NW Hickory Kitchen Plans
West Hickory Baptist Church West Hickory Baptist Church 01/9/1979 40 12th St. NW Hickory Piano & Organ Platform Extension
Whisenhunt Harry
712 9th St. NW Hickory Kitchen Plans
White Joel, Mr. and Mrs. 2/12/70-12/30/74
Hickory Remodeling & Additions
Whitener T. Manley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. 10/15/65-8/31/66 20432nd St. NW Hickory Home Remodeling
Whitmire Decorating Whitmire Decorating 7/10/90-9/17/97
Hickory Remodeling & Repairs
Williams Ervin, Mr. 2/12/64-4/22/64

Williams H.P., Mr. and Mrs. 2/7/66-4/12/66 614 2nd Ave. NW
Williams Harry, Mr. and Mrs. 11/3/80-11/23/80 Rt 10 Hickory

Williams Jack,, Mr. and Mrs. 4/2/85-7/29/85

Counter tops
Williamson Parker, Rev. and Mrs. 7/16/79-10/7/80

Kitchen Cabinets
Wilson Jim 8/3/63-2/7/73

Wilson Tom, Mr. and Mrs. 6/27/79-8/10/79 P.O. Box 246 Lincolnton Built in
Wilson Tom, Mr. and Mrs.
330 N. Laurel St. Lincolnton Blueprints
Windsor Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. 01/6/1981

Cabinet touch ups
Winfred William March 4th

Winkler Tom, Mr. and Mrs. 6/17/67-9/25/67 89 19th Ave NW
Kitchen Remodel
Wittenberg Bill, Mr. and Mrs. 10/4/88-10/23/88 #1330 5th St NE
Wood John Henry, Mr. 4/5/77-5/12/77 Rt. 7 Box 221 Lincolnton Repairs
Wooley Merle, Miss 7/14/81-10/2/81 N. Center
Bathroom Cabinets
Wykes Fred, Mr. and Mrs. 1/31/74-3/15/74 731 9th St NW
Refrigerator Built-In
Wysong Jack 4/15/71-7/14/71

Basement Remodel
Yoder Larry G., Mr. and Mrs. 5/9/80-6/2/80 Box 173 Taylorsville Cabinets
Zahner Ken & Jane 01/4/1985 3rd St NE
Kitchen & Bath Cabinets
Zahner Kenyon, Mr. 1/9/64-9/30/65
Newton Remodel
Zender Marvin, Mr. 7/31/61-8/26/61

Zimmerman Walter, Mr. and Mrs. 3/1/68-1/15/70 P.O. Box 2363 Hickory House Remodel
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