Crouch House List - Commercial

While M. G. Crouch Lumber Company concentrated on fine home construction in the greater Hickory area, they also completed many commercial projects for stores, factories and schools.

Listings in the Crouch House List are based on a variety of sources, primarily company files containing contracts, photographs, job books, floor plans, and related documents. Other sources include Hickory Landmarks publications, newspaper articles, and personal interviews.

If you would like more information on a particular home, please contact Hickory Landmarks Society who holds the Crouch Lumber Company archives. The Crouch House List is based on the best information available, but the company records are incomplete, so additions and corrections are welcome.


wooden dental molding


three commercial buildings: gas station, pharmacy, hosiery mill

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Commercial Construction Projects by M. G. Crouch Lumber Company

Owner Last Name Owner First Name Address City Year Architect Description of Work
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Abernethy Andrew D., Dr. 13th Street Hickory 1949 L. R. Rink Construct dental and surgical clinic. Three Owners listed: Drs. Andrew Abernethy, David Abernethy and Joe Whitener Abernethy.
Abernethy Andrew, David & Joe, Drs 333 2nd St NW Hickory 1949 L R Rink Construct doctor clinic and surgery
Abernethy G. Shuford, Dr. 407 2nd St N W Hickory 1950 Plans by Owner Construct dental clinic
Abernethy Memorial Church

Hickory 1965
Not specified
Altrusa Club
701 1st St SW Hickory 1950 MG Crouch Lumber Co Construct Ridgeview Library. Contract signed by building committee of Altrusa
Augustana Lutheran Church

Morganton 1965 Robert B. Salsbury Associates Not specified
Balls Creek School
2620 Balls Creek Road Newton 1956 Clemmer & Horton Construct lunch room
Blackstone Knitting Mills

Valdese 1940
Construct 25x54 addition to mill building
Carolina Fine Fabrics
1200 Block, 9th Street NW Hickory 1957
Carosol Chemical

1940 Q E Herman Construct new sheet metal building
Catawba County Board of Education

1956 Clemmer & Horton Construct lunchroom for Balls Creek Elementary School
Catawba Hosiery Mills

Construct new building 38x40
Central Gas Company

Hickory 1930
Construct a gasoline filling station
Cilley Robert
Hickory 1940 R L Clemmer Construct photography studio
Coley Herman, Mr and Mrs
Newton 1940
Construct new building 38x90
College Pharmacy
16th Street Hickory 1966
New building
Community Pharmacy

Conover, City of
307 3rd Avenue Drive Conover 1950
Construct library
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Dalton Mollie 817 8th Avenue NE Hickory 1956
Dentist office and wood storage shed
Dolly Hoisery Mill

Valdese 1941 M G Crouch Construct new factory building
Electrical Service Company
212 2nd St NW Hickory 1939 Robert Clemmer Construct new garage building
Electrical Service Company

Hildebran 1945
Finish upstairs
Elliott Knitting Mill
NC Road 1101 Granite Falls 1952
Fairbrook Volunteer Fire Department
Highway 64-70-321 Hickory 1962 Building committee Construct two story addition to present fire department building
First Baptist Church 339 2nd Ave NW Hickory 1939 Wallace and Gill Build new education building and remodel present one
First National Bank

Hickory 1934
Construct and enclose shower and toilets at bank
First Presbyterian Church

Hickory 1941
Extensive list of repairs due to fire
First Presbyterian Church

Hickory 1965
Not specified
Flowers Henry W Highway 10 Hickory 1935 Drawing by H. W. Flowers Construct new 28x36 lunch room
Flowers School Equipment
326 2nd Avenue NW Hickory 1948
Fresh Air Supermarket

Hickory 1953
New storefront
Friendship Lutheran Church

Granite Falls 1967
Not specified
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Garrison Plumbing

Hickory 1966
Granite Hardwoods
602 3rd Avenue NE Hickory 1978
Good Hope Lutheran Church 1763 Highland Ave NE Hickory 1947 D L Sigmon Construct new church. Gothic windows and transom over door not included.
Grove Building


Construct offices, restroom, build vault in basement
Guigou Henry
Hickory 1960
Construct College Pharmacy?
Hefner Dock, Mr

Construct new building 14x28
Helms Dr J B
Morganton 1958 Harrell & Clark Construct addition to Community Parmacy
Henry Grill

Hickory 1959
Hickman Hardware Company

Granite Falls 1941
Construct new 46x48 building
Hickman Hardware Company

Granite Falls 1949
Construct new building 30x60
Hickory Dyeing & Winding

Hickory 1939 Owner plans and specifications Construct new building
Hickory Dyeing & Winding Company

Hickory 1946 Owner - Glenn Shoaf Construct addition to mill and new dye house
Hickory Flour Mills

1936 Sketch by Mr. Rowe Construct new office building 22x30
Hickory Garden Council

Hickory 1962
Hickory Home Furnishings Mart
Highway 321 Bypass NW Hickory 1980
Install new walls, flooring
Hickory Medical Clinic
Highway 127 Hickory 1961
Rework house
Hickory Motel
484 HWY 70 SW Hickory 1961 Clemmer & Horton Additions and alterations to Hickory Motel
Hickory Paper Box Company

Hickory 1958
Hickory Sheet Metal

Hickory 1974
Repair fire damage
Hoke's China House

Hickory 1961
New building
Hudson & Starr

1939 R L Clemmer Construct building
Hudson, J E & Company

Connelly Springs 1953
Build new store building 36 x 40, between two existing buildings
Huffman Sausage Co.
West Hickory off 321 Hickory 1956 Owner's Sketch Construct new concrete block office and storage building
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Kenworth School
426 2nd Ave S E Hickory 1956 Beemer Harrell Construct addition to Kenworth Elementary School
Kerr Brothers Store

Hickory 1951
Kerr Sand Company

Hickory 1949
Landis Motors
Highway 70 SW Hickory 1949
Construct new garage building
Lang J. A. Corner 3rd Av and 4th St NW Hickory 1927 J. A. Lang Construct 2-story brick veneer apartment building
Lenoir Mirror Company
West College Street Lenoir 1937
Install brick veneer on plant buildings
Lentz Frank, Mr and Mrs
Hickory 1931
Build new brick building and filling station, move and remodel house. Move house from front (20th Street) to rear of lot facing 9th Avenue, modifications and repairs to house.
Little W H West Hickory Hickory 1930
Addition to The Arrow West Hickory Service Station. Add grease room, wash room, work room, men and women toilet, barber shop with toilet and shower
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Manor House Investment Co.

Hickory 1981 MG Crouch Lumber Co One story addition on Unit #1, 1335 12th Street Drive NW
McDowell Dr William 126 2nd Ave NE Hickory 1955 sketch Construct dental clinic
Miller Brooks Roofing

Hickory 1938 Herbert Miller Build shop and warehouse
New Jerusalem Lutheran Church Startown Road Hickory 1967
New education building
Norman E J Lenoir Highway, adjoining building under construction for Rhodes and Roberts
Construct new 40 x 80 warehouse with basement
North Carolina National Guardf

Olsen's Store
238 Union Square NW Hickory

Remodel store
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Rhodhiss Graded School Board

Build addition to east end of school. Job is to be rushed to completion: interior by 15 September, all work by 21 September.
Rhodhiss School Board

Rhodhiss 1933
Repairs to school building
Rutherford College
Rutherford College 1929
New roof on church at Rutherford College. Handwritten contract
Rutherford College Pharmacy
721 Malcolm Blvd Rutherford College 1965
Construct new pharmacy
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Shuford's Shop

Smith s Transfer Corporation
Lenoir Lenoir 1943
Repair south end of warehouse damaged by wind on 21 June. Construct new brick wall for building.
Standard Oil Company


New Gas Station
Starnes Perry, Dr 636 8th St NE Hickory 1955 Ms Q E Herman Construct new clinic and apartment building
Sweetwater Baptist Church

Addition to existing building
Tise Madelaine
Valdese 1929
Construct brick building to be used as a commercial garage
Todd Floral Co
7 2nd Ave NE Hickory 1949 Abernethy & Scott, dated 18 May 1949 Construct new 27x29 floral Shop. Alter existing adjoining residence to join to structure.
Townsend Earl Catawba County
Build new barn
Grove Building

Construct offices, rest room, build vault in basement of Grove Building
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Walton Knitting Mills

Hickory 1934
Construction of a hosiery mill, 36 x 140 feet
Walton Knitting Mills

Hickory 1938
Addition to Walton Knitting Mills
Walton Knitting Mills
838 Highland Ave NE Hickory 1940
Addition to mill building
Walton Knitting Mills

Hickory 1951 Jack Hall Erect new 40x50 brick and concrete block addition to present hosiery mill
Walton Knitting Mills

Hickory 1951
Modifications to mill building
Walton Knitting Mills

Hickory 1951
Brick veneer front of present mill building
Walton Knitting Mills

Hickory 1956
Construct addition to dye house
Walton Knitting Mills

Hickory 1961 C. Bernard Scott Construct addition to building
Whisnant Hosiery Mills

Wingo J. S., Mrs 1400 block of 2nd Street Hickory 1957 Frank Horton Rework frame house into gift shop and apartment
Winklers Grove Baptist Church RFD 5 Hickory 1959 Abee & Biggs Alterations and additions to church
Yelton Dr W D 372 5th St NW Hickory 1949 Plans furnished by owner Construct new dental clinic
Yount M. H.
Hickory 1937 Q E Herman Addition to apartment house
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