Crouch House List - Miscellaneous

Over the years M. G. Crouch Lumber Company was involved in projects which do not fit a regular category. No doubt the Company's craftsmen found these an interesting break.

Listings in the Crouch House List are based on a variety of sources, primarily company files containing contracts, photographs, job books, floor plans, and related documents. Other sources include Hickory Landmarks publications, newspaper articles, and personal interviews.

If you would like more information on a particular home, please contact Hickory Landmarks Society who holds the Crouch Lumber Company archives. The Crouch House List is based on the best information available, but the company records are incomplete, so additions and corrections are welcome.


wooden dental molding

Miscellaneous Projects by M. G. Crouch Lumber Company

Owner Last Name Owner First Name Address City Year Description of Work
Crouch Conrad & Dorothy 4 - 8th Avenue NW Hickory 1952 Construct playhouse for Crouch children. Wood frame with pine bark slab siding cut from milled logs.
Harper Gwyn 310 N Center St Hickory 1961 Construct bomb shelter
Holder Lucy Off 19th Ave NW Hickory
Remodel houseboat moored on Lake Hickory
Long Ed S. 14 3rd Ave NW (Rear) Hickory 1958 Construct small building, 30 x 19 ft to house pipe organ at rear of main residence.
Whisnant Ernest 4241 North Center Street Hickory
Doll House built in rear of main house. Doll house mentioned in 2012 Hickory Landmarks Society Parade of Homes brochure