The Hickory Landmarks Society - preserving our community since 1968.

The Hickory Landmarks Society is a non-profit organization committed to serving the community by leading in the protection of historically or architecturally significant neighborhoods, individual landmarks and traditions. It began in 1967 when Frances Moody, Edna Barringer, and others organized a small group of people to save the Propst House from destruction. The following year, the organization was incorporated in North Carolina. Annual membership dues and contributions supported the all-volunteer efforts in those early days.

2020 marked the 50th Anniversary of the relocation and restoration of the landmark 1882 J. Summie Propst House. We are pleased to share with you a priceless series of recent audio recordings, recollections by actual founders or their children in a remarkable preservation effort that inspired the founding of the Hickory Landmarks Society. A video production of the actual restoration is now available to you for the first time.

For some wonderful nostalgia, great local history, and more than a little fun click here.

                  2021 Heritage Days at Maple Grove Cancelled

The Hickory Landmarks Society’s Board of Directors has cancelled the 2-day Heritage Days at Maple Grove school program for April 2021.   Remote learning and the needs of future in-school instruction have resulted in the likelihood for cancellation of field trips by many school districts.

HLS regrets the practical and logical decision to delay the 27th annual program until April 2022. The health and safety for teachers, bus drivers, volunteers, and above all fourth grade students is paramount.

More Information About Heritage Days