Crouch House List

Crouch House List

The Crouch House List includes new homes, commercial projects, churches, remodeling jobs and some miscellaneous projects constructed by M. G. Crouch Lumber Company. Listings in the Crouch House List are based on company files including contracts, photographs, job books, blueprints and related documents. Company records are not complete so additional sources include Hickory Landmarks Society publications, newspaper articles, and personal recollections.

Crouch House List – Homes
A list of new homes built by Crouch Lumber, starting in 1915. Some listings include multiple houses such as contracts for employee housing at nearby electrical power plants.

Crouch House List – Commercial
While Crouch Lumber did not specialize in commercial construction, they did complete a number of projects for local businesses and churches.

Crouch House List – Remodeling Projects
In addition to new homes, a major part of Crouch Lumber Company’s activity was remodels and renovations to existing homes.

Crouch House List – Miscellaneous
Homes were not the only structure Crouch Lumber built. Special projects included a doll house and renovating a houseboat.