Endangered Properties Saved

Endangered Properties Saved

The Hickory Landmarks Society’s Endangered Properties program seeks to identify, prioritize, and track properties in Hickory which are candidates for historic preservation efforts. Through use of a revolving preservation fund and the application of historic preservation-rehabilitation covenants to deeds of sale numerous landmark properties in Hickory have been saved.   

Endangered Properties (Revolving) Fund

The Endangered Properties Fund is a pool of money restricted for use by the Hickory Landmarks Society to “insure the rehabilitation and preservation of buildings and sites of historical, architectural, archeological, cultural, and aesthetic value.” The Fund is replenished in part from the proceeds of such preservation activity. Administrative, stabilization, and marketing costs may be expended from the Fund.

Endangered Properties List

The purpose of an Endangered Properties List is to identify, prioritize, and track properties which are candidates for historic preservation efforts. It is a guideline, not a goal. HLS recognizes that more immediate actions may sometimes be necessary to preserve a historically significant site, and that the Executive Director may be empowered to act. The List may also serve as a means to draw attention to buildings that are threatened. Priority attention is given to properties in (1) Hickory*, (2) Hickory Planning Area, (3) Catawba County

* More specifically National Register properties

Endangered Properties Committee Mission Statement

“The Endangered Properties Committee shall serve in an advisory role to the Board of Directors and Executive Director of the Hickory Landmarks Society. Members will evaluate threatened properties in Hickory and make recommendations from time to time regarding ways and means to preserve historic properties, using both a revolving preservation fund as a funding source and an endangered properties list as a general guideline.”

Mosteller Mansion (1983-2020). 
Unsuccessful effort. We tried!


Boy Scout Cabin (1937)
Fox-Ingold House (1898)
Geitner House (1889)
Espy-Nowel-Little-Osborne House