Giving Opportunities

Giving Opportunities

Ways in Which You Can Support the Hickory Landmarks Society

The Hickory Landmarks Society offers a variety of unrestricted and giving opportunities for charitable-minded individuals and corporations. We are a non-profit corporation, exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Donations including gifts of appreciated securities and others assets are tax deductible. Please consider the Hickory Landmarks Society in your long term charitable giving plans.

Existing Restricted Use Funds to Which You Can Contribute
Note: Unless marked with an asterisk, funds are established by the HLS Board of Directors,
meaning that funds function as an endowment but principal can be spent if necessary or emergency.
If you wish to establish a new restricted use fund, please contact HLS

Maple Grove Endowment Fund
Established in 1993 with a gift from the late Adelaide Shuford to provide for the maintenance and preservation of historic Maple Grove (c. 1875/1883). 

Frances Moody Fund*
Originally established in 1994 to provide for the maintenance and preservation of the 1881 Propst House.  Now managed in trust by the North Carolina Community Foundation.

Edna Barringer and Frances Moody-Propst House Fund
Established in 1997 with a gift from Mrs. Harley Shuford to provide for the maintenance and preservation of the Propst House.

The Parsonage Fund
Established in 1994 to provide for the maintenance and preservation of the 1895 Corinth Church parsonage in Ivey Arboretum. Currently leased to the Women’s Resource Center.

Endangered Properties Fund
Revolving fund established in 2000 to assist HLS in acquisition and re-sale of historic landmarks judged to be endangered.  Note: Funds are currently low, used for stabilization of several properties in recent years.   We are in need of a large gift of about $8,000-$10,000 to be more effective in our efforts.

Houk’s Chapel Fund
Established in 2006 to provide for the maintenance and preservation of historic Houk’s Chapel (1893) in West Hickory.

Sullivan Book Fund
Established in 2004 and renamed in memory of the late Jeanie Sullivan.  Revolving fund designed to provide for writing and publication of local historic preservation or local history-themed books.

The Joanne Shuford Education Fund
Established in 2013 in memory of long time friend, volunteer, and financial supporter Joanne Shuford (1929-2013. Interest from the principal will be used to fund annual educational programs as developed by an Education Programs Committee

How You Can Help

You can assure continuation of our mission in many ways: your gift or pledge to these funds, your gifts in memory or in honor of a loved one, or your thoughtfully planned bequest are just a few of the ways to help build a more effective Hickory Landmarks Society for the future:

Cash Gifts
The simplest and most convenient way of participating through cash, credit card, or personal check. All gifts qualify for maximum income tax deductions.

Matching Gift
If your company has a matching gift form, please send a copy with your cash gift.

Appreciated Securities
Gifts of stock and real property may provide important tax advantages to donors who have held assets for a long time. The full fair market value of such gifts may be deductible as a charitable contribution.

There are many ways to remember the Hickory landmarks society in your will.  After providing for relatives and friends, a donor can specify that some or all of the remaining assets be given to the Hickory Landmarks Society, in general or for a specific Fund. The result: a lasting legacy while reducing the taxable portion of an estate.

Life Insurance
The Hickory landmarks society may be named as the owner and beneficiary of a previously existing or new life insurance policy. The donor receives an immediate tax deduction, which is usually approximately equal to the policy’s cash surrender value. All premium payments made by the donor thereafter are also tax deductible.

Charitable Remainder Trust
A donor may wish to make a contribution but needs all of his or her income for current expenses. The donor can leave property to the Hickory Landmarks Society at death or give the assets now, subject to a retained income interest.

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