The M. G. Crouch Lumber Company Collection

The M. G. Crouch Lumber Company Collection

M. G. Crouch Lumber Company circa 1935 showing the office, main shop building, and lumber storage.

Beginning in 1913, M. G. Crouch Lumber Company built more than 500 homes in the greater Hickory area, making a significant impact on the built environment. When the principle owners sold the company in 2007, they donated extensive company records to Hickory Landmarks Society including job books, ledgers, contracts and house plans for over 500 homes built in the Hickory area. Also included are early employment records, early M. G. Crouch correspondence as a cabinet maker and a reference library on home design and construction. These documents are held by the Hickory Landmarks Society and are available for viewing or research.

History of M. G. Crouch Lumber Company
M. G. Crouch arrived in Hickory in 1904 “with twenty dollars in his pockets and a wife and six-month-old daughter.” Within ten years he began building furniture and then homes, founding a company which would remain in operation for almost 100 years.

Crouch House List
Company records show that M. G. Crouch Lumber company built more than 500 homes, some commercial buildings, and numerous remodeling jobs. The Crouch House List includes several tables listing the homes, churches, commercial buildings, remodeling projects and miscellaneous structures they built.

Home Construction
A photographic record of the construction of a new parsonage for the First United Methodist Church in Hickory

Documents in the Crouch Collection
Hickory Landmarks has indexed many of the individual documents including blueprints, contracts, files and job books used on various projects.

Photographs in the Crouch Collection
The Crouch Collection includes several hundred photographs of houses, buildings and interiors constructed by M. G. Crouch Lumber Company.

Construction Methods
Notes on some of the constructions techniques used by M. G. Crouch Lumber.