Crouch House List – Homes

Crouch House List – Homes

For seventy years M. G. Crouch Lumber Company constructed many fine homes and buildings in Hickory and the Catawba Valley Area. Here is a list of more than 450 homes that the company built starting in 1915.

Listings in the Crouch House List are based on a variety of sources, primarily company files containing contracts, photographs, job books, floor plans, and related documents. Other sources include Hickory Landmarks publications, newspaper articles, and personal interviews.

Homes with identified photographs in the Crouch Lumber Archives are identified with a link in the Owner Last Name field.

If you would like more information on a particular home, please contact Hickory Landmarks Society who holds the Crouch Lumber Company archives. The Crouch House List is based on the best information available, but the company records are incomplete, so additions and corrections are welcome.

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Owner Last NameOwner First NameAddressCityYearArchitectDescription of Work
AbernethyDavid, Dr. and Mrs.Hickory1940D L SigmondConstruct new home
AbernethyDavid, Dr. and Mrs.End of Sandy Ridge Road
4520 16th St Pl NE
Hickory1955Mrs. Q. E. HermanConstruct new home overlooking Lake Hickory
AbernethyDon, Mr and Mrs8380 Old NC10Hildebran1973MG Crouch Lumber CoConstruct new home
AbernethyFranklin409, 16th Ave NWHickory1960Construct new home
AbernethyFred A, Mr. and Mrs.1315, 10th St NWHickory1948Grayson Plan No. 1, Standard Homes CompanyConstruct new home
AbernethyG. Shuford, Dr100 Block, 5th Street NWHickory1955Construct new home
AbernethyHenry, Dr1485 6th St Cir NWHickory1970Sherman PardueConstruct new home
AbernethyJoe L, Dr and Mrs122 5th St NWHickory1954Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
AbernethyJulius W.806 S College AveNewton1967James L Beam, JrConstruct new home
AbernethyP. L., Mr. and Mrs.Hickory1937Q. E. HermanConstruct new home
AchardDr Lucien and AliceBurke CountyConstruct new home
AdamsJohn Q, Mr and MrsNorth Wilkesboro1936D. L. SigmondConstruct new home. Owner to do substantial work.
AderholtV V, Prof & MrsHickory1938Construct new home
Advent Christian Church1925 N Center St
Adjoining church, Highway 127
Hickory1950Plan 705, Better Homes and GardensConstruct new parsonage
AlexanderA. H. and EdithCatawba County1927Hickory Cabinet & ManufacturingConstruct new home. Handwritten contract.
AllenAustinWoodland Lane, Cedar Rock EstatesLenoir1966Olson Associates, LenoirConstruct new home
AllenDavid L, Mr. and Mrs.2nd Ave NWHickory1955Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
AndersonWilliam N “Bill”3900 10th Ave Dr SWHickory1975Construct new home
ArndtC. F., Mr and MrsDogwood HillsNewton1962C G MasonConstruct new home
ArndtGeorge, Mr. and Mrs.Next door to G. M. KirkpatrickTaylorsville1954Mrs. Q. E. HermanConstruct new home
AtwoodP. A.1915Construct new home
BallengerT. Cass, Mr and Mrs869 20th Ave Dr NWHickory1963D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home. Design based on Carter’s Grove, near Williamsburg Va. Featured in Charlotte Observer, 12 November 1964.
BangleJohn, Mr and Mrs936 23rd Ave NEHickory1960OwnerConstruct new home
BarkleyW HHickoryConstruct new home. Labeled photo in company records.
BarlowJ Frank620 6th St NWHickoryConstruct new home
BassC. A., Mr and MrsStatesville1936D L SigmondConstruct new home
BeachClarence E, Mr and Mrs301 Hibriten Ave SWLenoir1961Harrell & ClarkConstruct new home
BelkR B, Mr and Mrs618, 2nd Street N EHickory1948Garlinghouse plan #2297Construct new home
BellRobert G, Mr and Mrs1815 5th St NWHickory1962OwnerConstruct new home
BenfieldJ. G., Rev and MrsLot between Granite Falls and RhodhissGranite Falls1936Construct new home. Original drawing included in file.
BerryC Glot adjoining lot of Russell Berry
Eastwood Avenue
Morganton1933Construct new home
Bethany Baptist ChurchOld Highway 10Hildebran1953Standard Home Plan Oakwood No. 3Construct new parsonage and garage
Bethany Baptist ChurchHildebran1941Standard Home PlanConstruct new Parsonage
BiggsJames E750 8th St Dr NWHickory1959Abee & BiggsConstruct new home
BisanarAlan, Dr.560 6th St NWHickory1936Construct new home
BisanarCatherine, Dr. and Ruth, Miss415 4th St N EHickory1951Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
Dr. George BisanarGeorge and Mamie, Dr.431 6th St NWHickory1935D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home. Source: From Tavern to Town Revisited, page 149
BlackRalph, Mr and MrsComford Park, 631 4th St NEHickory1952Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
BlackRobert C.178 Norwood CircleBlowing Rock1941D Carroll AbeeConstruct new summer residence. Mr. Black from New York City.
BlackwelderAndrew L, Mr and Mrs1040 15th Ave NWHickory1960D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
BolickAnnie, MsConover1938Sketch by M. G. CrouchConstruct new home
BolickLuther404 3rd St NEHickoryConstruct new home
BolickSusieNCR#1Hickory1938SketchConstruct new home. Sketch in file.
BollingerLloyd<1967Construct new home
BouchardHenryValdeseConstruct new home
Bovender JrA C, Jr, Mr and Mrs950 3rd St NWHickory1949Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
BoyerHugh824 7th St NWHickory1947D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
BradyWilliam P. “Bill”1870 2nd St N WHickory1962Philippe W. GilissenConstruct new home
BrantleyBob1852 2nd St NWHickory1967Construct new home
BrewerVernon, Mr and Mrs14th Avenue between 19 and 20 th streetsHickory1947Covington Plan #3, Standard Homes Inc.Construct new home
BrittainAlbert, Mr and Mrs9113 Costner RdHildebran1972Paul AbernathyConstruct new home
BrittainConrad, Mr and MrsCostner RoadHildebran1972Paul AbernathyConstruct new home
BrittainMarvin, Mr and Mrs116 Edgewood StMorganton1952Plans by owner and contractorConstruct new home
BrooksBen, Carl Jr.702 14th Ave NWHickory1947OwnerConstruct new home
BrooksCarl426 4th St SWHickory1921OwnerConstruct new home
BrooksWilliam WHickory1939Sketch by M G CrouchConstruct new home
BrookshireThomas and JocelynHickory1954Construct new home
BroomeKarl W.108 2nd Avenue NEHickory1931Martin L. HamptonConstruct new home
BrownJohnnyHickoryConstruct new home
BrownKenneth1842 Henry Smith RoadHickory1977Paul AbernethyConstruct new home
Brownie Wingo Gift Shop861 2nd Street NEHickoryConstruct house and carport
BroyhillPaul100 Clarion PL SELenoir1965Wm Frank McCallConstruct new home
BumbargerRobert2047 2nd St NW
Shuford Mills Development
Hickory1958Hollis L IveyConstruct new home
BumbargerThomas & Robert823-825 N Center StHickory1952Ms Q E HermanConstruct new duplex residence
Bumbarger JrPaul, Jr, Mr and MrsComford Park
647 4th St N E
Hickory1950Rudolph A MaternConstruct new home
BumgarnerDonald735 5th Ave NEHickory1962MG Crouch Lumber Coconstruct new home. Mrs. Lucille Britt included in contract as co-owner.
BurgessA Harry, Mr and Mrs322 3rd Ave NEHickory1939Q E HermanConstruct new home
BurnsNellConstruct new home. Labeled photo in files.
BurnsMs Nell & Frankie363 21st Ave NWHickory1978MG Crouch Lumber CoConstruct new home
CandlerJames Madison331 3rd St NWHickory1925Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
CarpenterCarrollHickory1958Construct new home
CarriganJ F, Mr and MrsGranite Falls1940D L SigmondConstruct new home
CarverR. W., DrHickory1938sketch by M G CrouchBuild 3 connecting houses
CarverR. W., Dr1940SketchConstruct new rental home, 24×30
CarverR. W., Dr1941Construct four 4-room houses, one 6-room house for rent. Houses to be #2 common grade throughout.
CavallaroJ. W., DrConover1963Beam & Lewis, Cherryville-GastoniaConstruct new home
ChandlerTed, Jr., Dr and Mrs720 2nd Ave Dr NEHickory1959James L BeamConstruct new home
ChapmanArthurMorgantonConstruct new home. Contract not dated.
CilleyClinton, Mr and Mrs869 7th St N WHickory1941D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
CilleyJ. L.KenworthHickory1930Construct new home
ClemmerRobert, Mr and Mrs827 9th St N WHickory1960Clemmer & HortonConstruct new home
ClineC. W.1931Construct new home
ClineJ Guy, Mrs860 7th St NWHickory1951Rudolph MaternConstruct new home
ClineLynch , Mr and Mrs350 17th Ave NWHickory1952Abee & TashiroConstruct new home
ClineLynch, Mr and Mrs1942Abee & TashiroConstruct new home
CloningerR. G. and VestaCatawba CountyHickory1928Mr. FirdayConstruct new home
CopelandCarson, Dr and Mrs1809 5th St NWHickory1961James C SchnurConstruct new home
CorbettMarion1800 Castle RoadConnelly Springs1967Stewart PennConstruct new home. Design based on English Tudor castle. Featured in Hickory Daily Record article March 27, 1971.
CrockerBoyce405 25th Avenue NWHickory1964Constructed by owner, but bought all materials from M G Crouch Lumber
CrouchClarenceBurke CountyMr FridayConstruct new home
CrouchConrad and Dorothy4 8th Ave NWHickory1947Magazine Plan, reversedConstruct new home. Two subsequent additions, plus finishing upstairs and basement.
CrouchGarland, Mr and MrsMorganton1939Construct new home
CrouchM. G. and Mary415 3rd Ave NEHickory1937Construct new home
CrouchM. G.668 MorningsideBlowing Rock1937Construct new summer home for Crouch family
DaleR. D.MorgantonConstruct new home. Contract not dated.
DaltonMiss MollieGranite Falls1940Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
DavisG. Earl1410 6th St NWHickory1950OwnerConstruct new home
DavisGertrude, MissHickory1935sketch by contractorConstruct new home
DavisLarry915 4th Ave Dr NWHickoryConstruct new home
DeHartG Wayne2150 Kool Park Road NEHickory1966Construct new home
DeHartGeorge Ray, MrSouth Catawba County between Startown and MaidenStartown1974Revised stock plan #2015Construct new home
DeitzOra1929Construct new home
DeitzWilliam P, Mr and Mrs424 1st Ave NWHickory1937D L SigmonConstruct new home
DixonCharles855 20th Ave Dr NWHickory1968Construct new home
DrumJ Clifton, Mr and Mrs832 14th Ave NWHickory1957Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
DrumJ D, Mr and Mrs115 6th Ave NEHickory1937Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
DrumTed, Jr., Mr and Mrs.46 32nd Av NWHickory1963Catawba Drafting ServiceConstruct new home
DugginsL. L.1929Construct new home
Duke Power CompanyRiver Bend Steam PlantMount Holly1928Construct 34 five-room, 8 six-room, 2 eight-room houses and 22 double garages for operators at River Bend power plant.
DulingW. H.Hickory1930Same size and style as R D Hewitt on 15th StConstruct new home
DyerH. N.122 Fifth Avenue NEHickory1915Construct new home. Demolished in 1993 by Frye Regional Medical Center for parking. Source: From Tavern to Town, Revisited, page 97-98.
EdgarsB M, Mr and MrsStatesville1935Construct new home
EngartRobert505 14th Ave NWHickoryConstruct new home
EnnisDaveHickoryConstruct new home
EnnisE L2051 2nd St NWHickoryConstruct new home
EnnisT L (Drew), Mrs2059 2nd St Dr NWHickory1974MG Crouch Lumber CoConstruct new home
EriksonC FredPitts Development, off Highway #127 NorthHickory1958MG Crouch Lumber CoConstruct new home
EvansRobert (Bob)319 7th Ave N EHickoryConstruct new home. Remodeled 1966 by MG Crouch Lumber.
FawJack4645 16th St Dr NEHickory1970Construct new home
FennellEdward M. (Bus), Mr and Mrs810, 8th St N WHickory1970Allen J BolickConstruct new home. Featured in Hickory Daily Record article on December 11, 1965.
First Baptist Church8855 Old Hwy 10HildebranConstruct new parsonage
First Methodist ChurchHickoryConstruct new parsonage for original First Methodist Church
First United Methodist Church935 1st St NEHickory1978Construct new parsonage
FitzgeraldFred, Mr and Mrs1036 14th Ave Dr NWHickory1957Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
FlemingA. N., Mr and MrsHighway 181, NW of Morganton, near Oak Hill ChurchMorganton1933Sketch by M G CrouchConstruct new home. Name misspelled in contract as Flemming.
FlemingGlenn, Mr & MrsSouth Side of Highway #10, one mile west of MorgantonMorgantonSketchConstruct new home
FlowersE. L.524 Sixth Street NWHickory1932Construct new home. Mortgages to M. G. Crouch and Frank B. Ingold. Source From Tavern to Town Revisited, page 151.
FlowersG A, Mr & Mrs518 1st Ave NWHickory1948D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
FlowersVernon S. and Peggy L.1080 25th Ave Dr NWHickory1971James N SherrillConstruct new home
ForlinesJohn A., Mr and MrsState Road 1109Granite Falls1965D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
FoxCarol G.Taylorsville1930M. G. CrouchConstruct new home. Handwritten contract.
FoxHowell Woodrow1220 6th St NWHickory1975Construct new home
FoxJ. Paul, Mr and Mrs1200 Block, 9th St NWHickory1957Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
FransJean412-414 14th Ave NWHickory1963James E BiggsConstruct duplex residence.
FransL. P. (Lee)1608 6th St NWHickory1956D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
FridayRobert617 18th Ave Dr NWHickory1961OwnerConstruct new home. Correct address?
FridayRobert L., Mr and Mrs735 4th St NEHickory1973Allen J. BolickConstruct new home. Destroyed by fire May 2, 2005
FridayRobert, Mr & Mrs560 11th Ave Cir NWHickory1950Furnished by ownerConstruct new home
FritzWilliam A., Dr & Mrs431 9th St NWHickory1941Construct new home
FritzWilliam A., Dr & MrsComford Park
636 3rd St NE
Hickory1951Mrs. Q E HermanConstruct new home
FryJohnConstruct new home
FullerGeorge A., Mr and Mrs406 6th St NWHickory1938Construct new home
FullerPaul4150 8th St Ct NWHickory1982Construct new home
FullerManley, Jr., Mr and Mrs500 16th Ave NWHickory1955Owner plansConstruct new home
FurlongJames, Mr and MrsTimberlane Terrace, 11th Avenue Circle NWHickory1952MG Crouch Lumber CoConstruct new home
FurrO. H., Mr and Mrs428 5th Ave Pl N EHickory1941Robert ClemmerConstruct new home
GaitherAlbert C821 Woodson RdNewton1976Construct new home
GardnerE. F., MrNorth Wilkesboro1940Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
GarrettM. W., Mr and Mrs160 17th Ave NWHickory1956Clemmer & HortonConstruct new home
GarrisonSnyder800 18th Ave Dr NWHickory1966Construct new home
GeougeSherrill458 23rd Ave Dr N EHickory1956Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
GibbsJack, Mr and MrsHickory1937Q E HermanConstruct new home
GibbsRobert, Mr and Mrs222 5th Ave NEHickory1958Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
GilbertPerry and Era (daughter)Hickory1940Low Cost Homes book – The Oakley with sketch by Era GilbertConstruct new home
GilliamL S, Mr and MrsStatesville1940R L ClemmerConstruct new home
GillissenPhilippe36th Ave NWHickory1960Philippe W GilissenConstruct new home
GlasheenJohn J., Mr and Mrs1250 10th St Blvd NWHickory1976Home Planners Plan #A1993 with revisionsConstruct new home
Glenn JrC Lant, Jr, Mr and Mrs557 5th St N WHickory1949Abee & TashiroConstruct new home
GoldenT S, Mr and MrsHickory1936Q E HermanConstruct new home
GoodsonC. L., Mr and MrsHickory1938Q E HermanConstruct new home
GoodsonL. C. and EthelCatawba County1927Hickory Cabinet & ManufacturingConstruct new home
GordonC L, Mr and Mrs1938Q E HermanConstruct new home
GougeSherrill, Mr and MrsEastview Acres, end of 5th Street NEHickory1956Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
GravesL M, MrStatesville1935Construct new home
GreenC L, MrHickory1929Outside plan and design to match R. V. Williams house on 15th street.Construct new home
GreenD M, MrHickory1942Owner s sketchComplete construction new home
GreggGuy, Mr and Mrs626, 3rd St NE
Comford Park
Hickory1950Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
GrierJohn, Mr and Mrs500 5th Ave NEHickory1954Clemmer Horton & RudasillConstruct new home
GriffinH. W., Dr and Mrs178 17th Ave NWHickory1960Clemmer & HortonConstruct new home
GriffinRichard, Dr835 18th Ave Dr NWHickory1969Clemmer & HortonConstruct new home
GrillHenryValdese1940Harry Arial BoggsConstruct new home
GrotheCharlotte Cere352 3rd St NEHickory1935Construct new home. Purchased by First United Methodist Church in 1957 for parsonage and demolished in 2004 for new education building
GrotheEdna WHickoryConstruct new home. House behind First Methodist Church, D H McComb gave land to Ms Grothe
GuarinoGuy J., Dr and Mrs785 18th Ave Dr NWHickory1969Sherman Pardue & CoConstruct new home
GunterCoke, Dr1964Construct new home. Job book.
GurleyR N, Mr and MrsNewton1939D L SigmondConstruct new home
GuyBuford, Mr and MrsStatesville1940Construct new home
HackneyE T, Mr and MrsNorth Wilkesboro1936D L SigmondConstruct new home. Hardware for home from E Thackery Hardware.
HallRobert L, Mr and Mrs535 2nd St NEHickory1948National Plan Service, Design V-9, reversedConstruct new home. One of earliest ranch houses in Hickory.
HallWilliam R, Mr and Mrs1st St NE, 900 blockHickory1955Plans by ownerConstruct new home
HambrickR. T., Dr. and Mrs.Hickory1941M G Crouch sketchConstruct new home
Hampton, WhitakerMiss Minnie Hampton & D W Whitaker2335 GreenwayCharlotte1927Complete construction of new home
HardinA J, Mr and Mrs646 4th St NE
Comford Park
Hickory1950Garlinghouse #6889 reversedConstruct new home
HarperF G, Sr.1946Construct new home
HarrisD AStatesville1935Q E HermanConstruct new home
HartW BHickory1938Book of Colorful Homes, Design 759-B, Page 5Construct new home
HefnerB Y, Mrs1937D C AbeeConstruct new duplex residence
HefnerMs Bertie418-420 6th St NWHickory1937Construct new duplex home
HemphillSam1960Construct new home. Job book.
HesterJoe, Mr and MrsHickory1938Sketch by M G CrouchConstruct new home
HettigerE PStatesville1940Q E HermanConstruct new home
HewittClaude & Vera367 8th St NWHickoryConstruct new home. Vera Hewitt was a daughter of M. G. Crouch
HewittR. D.15th StreetHickory1930Mr FridayConstruct new home
HiltsEd L., Mr and Mrs654 2nd Ave NWHickory1955Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home. Lot adjoining E W Wacton property on 2nd Avenue NW is crossed out on drawing accompanying contract.
HitchnerTracyHickoryConstruct new home
HolahanPaul1843 9th St NWHickory1968Fred AbernethyConstruct new home
HollarJames C., Dr and Mrs935 18th Ave Dr NWHickory1971Southern Living Plan # SL-1009Construct new home
HollarSteve CHickory1936Construct new home
HoneycuttGroverHickory1941SketchConstruct new home. Owner does all wiring. (Owner also owned Electrical Service Company.) Contract includes garage and outdoor privy closet.
HostetlerConstruct new home. Identified photograph in files.
HostettlerJackGranite FallsConstruct new home
HowardWilliam H & Mildred Bowles1929Mr FridayConstruct new home
HudsonFredConnelly Springs1931Construct new home
HudsonJ. E.1931Construct two brick-veneered dwellings
Hudson JrJ E, Jr, Mr and Mrs540 11th Ave Cir NWHickory1954Mrs Q E HermanConstruct new home
HuffmanE W1949SketchConstruct new home, 30×35, as per sketch
HuffmanFloyd561 11th Ave Cir NWHickory1954Robert Griffin ParksConstruct new home
HuffmanGeorge L and Sue BettyCatawba County1927Mr FridayConstruct new home
HuffmanLutherHickory1938Construct new home
HuffmanRobert, Mr and Mrs734 14th Ave NW
Forest Park, lot adjoining Bogle property
Hickory1955Mre Q E HermanConstruct new home
HuffmanRoyDrexel1930drawingConstruct new home
HyderC D1940The Oakley – Low Cost Homes CatalogueConstruct new home, 30×28
InmanJ. H. and BessHickory1930Construct new home
InnisElConstruct new home
IveyEugene C, Mr and Mrs428 6th St NWHickory1940Q E HermanConstruct new home
IveyLeonHickoryConstruct new home
IveyLeon359 2nd St Cir NWHickoryConstruct new home
IveyLeon S., Mr and Mrs725 9th Ave NWHickory1965Beam-LewisConstruct new home. Destroyed by fire 29 January 1988
JacobJ LValdese1936Construct new home, garage with pump house for well
JacobsJohn, Jr.ValdeseConstruct new home
JonasCharles1934Q E HermanConstruct new home
JonesEd & EttaCatawba County1928Drawing by J. L. FridayConstruct new home
JonesJohn E810 12th Ave NWHickory1961OwnerConstruct new home
JonesJohnny R1034 14th Ave NWHickory1957OwnerConstruct new home
JonesRobert B (Bob), Mr and Mrs1880 2nd St NWHickory1958J L BeamConstruct new home
KatzSam1934Construct new home. Date taken from pencil notation in bottom left corner.
KeeverJ. W., Dr635, 2nd Ave NWHickory1938Q L HermanConstruct new home
KeeverT. S.1928Construct one 5-room cottage and one 8-room house. Lot is one town lot adjoining D. M. Reinhardt near old City High School
KetzSamConstruct new home. Work to be same workmanship as Mr. McDowell’s house.
KillianJ MHickory1935R L ClemmerConstruct new home and garage
KincaidB C, Mr and MrsSW side of Highway 181, 1 mile SW of MorgantonMorganton1933sketchConstruct new home. Year uncertain.
KingIna, MsHickory1938Construct new home same size as R H McComb house with modifications
KirkseyW. L.Avery AvenueMorganton1929Mr. FridayConstruct new home
KnightW B, Mr and Mrs324 7th St NWHickory1949Standard Homes The GreenwoodConstruct new home
KnowlesSamuel E604 2nd St N EHickory1953OwnerConstruct new home
KuradWard, Dr1429 6th St Cir NWHickory1978CopperConstruct new home
LailPercy O.1726 11th Ave NEHickory1947Construct new home
LawingFred M., Mr and Mrs950 N Center StHickory1953Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
LewisBrian, Mr and Mrs1852 2nd St NWHickory1955Beemer HarrellConstruct new home
LigonDan526 11th Ave Cir NWHickory1951Abee & TashiroConstruct new home
LipeM. P.1969Construct new home
LipeM. ,. Jr.HickoryConstruct new home
LittleJohn C808 Berry AvenueValdese1967Fred AbernethyConstruct new home
LittleLloyd (Sunshine), Mr and Mrs4503 1st St NWHickory1955Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
LongH BCatawba County1924Construct new 8-room, 2-story home, 30×34 feet, handwritten contract
LowmanC Hsketch by M G CrouchConstruct two new homes. Handwritten carbon copy, date listed as Feb-7 4
LyerlyGeorge924 6th St NWHickory1953OwnerConstruct new home
LyerlyWalker (Buddy), Jr.911 4th Ave NWHickory1941Q E HermanConstruct new duplex residence
LynnO. Nick, Mr and Mrs2563 Sandy Ford RoadNewton1953Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
MaDanGerard H, Mr and Mrs556 3rd St NEHickory1948Q E HermanConstruct new home
MadisonC W, MrStatesville1939OwnerConstruct new home
MangumRalph J., Mr and Mrs409 5th Avenue Place NEHickory1947Garlinghouse Plan #566Construct new home
MarionS. J., Prof and MrsHickory1938Prof. MarionConstruct new home
MartinL L1877 North Center StreetHickory1954MG Crouch Lumber Coconstruct new residence in accordance with plans and specifications
MartinL L, Mr and Mrs1940Construct new home
MaynardR. W.134 5th Street NW1934Q E HermanConstruct new home. Originally built at 426 Second Avenue NW and later moved to present location. ( From Tavern to Town Revisited )
McCallR. E.Hickory1929Construct new 8-room 2-story residence. “… to be completed as speedily as it can be done…”
McCombDavid230 3rd St NEHickory1939OwnerConstruct new home
McCombDavid, Mr and Mrs990 20th Ave NWHickory1960James L BeamConstruct new home
McCombR. H.Hickory1938sketch by M. G. CrouchConstruct new home.
McDowellN. M.Morganton1931Construct new home
McGinnisBurand, Mr and MrsMorganton1957D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
McVeyW W, Mr and MrsMorgantondrawing by Mr FridayConstruct new home
MeansMack R., Mr and Mrs214 9th Ave NWHickory1956Beemer HarrellConstruct new home
MentonToyCasar1951Garlinghouse Plan Holbrokke No. 8Construct new home
MenziesAlex S, Mr and Mrs614 2nd Ave NWHickory1957OwnerConstruct new home
MenziesBalfour (Pete)330 17th Ave NWHickoryConstruct new home
MenziesDonald S, Dr. and Mrs.223 Second Avenue NEHickory1931Q E HermanConstruct new home
MenziesPhillip G (Bill)984 19th Avenue NWHickory1958Hollis L IveyConstruct new home
MerrittEddy S.1933Q E HermanConstruct new home
MessickDeWitt and RoseHickory1928DeWitt MessickConstruct new home
MillerAlvin, Mr and MrsHickory1939Sketch by OwnerConstruct new home
MillerHerbert G, Mr and Mrs352 7th St NWHickory1952Clemmer & HortonConstruct new home
MillerJohn F.606 Second Avenue NWHickory1934Construct new home. Source: From Town to Tavern Revisited, page 140
MillerRansom, Mr and MrsHickory1938SketchConstruct new home
MillerWade D, MrHickory1939D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
MillsEllis1035 14th Ave Dr NWHickory1971Construct new home
MoretzLeonard, Mr and MrsHickory1939Conrad Crouch, sketchConstruct new home
MorganC L S (Sam)1020 6th St NWHickory1950Abee & TashiroConstruct new home
MorganC. L. S.Hickory1961Harrell & ClarkConstruct guest house and swimming pool
MorrisMs GlennCrestview StGranite Falls1964D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
MossRuthHickory1931Mr. FridayConstruct new home
NanceJames H, Mr and MrsHickory1941Construct new home
NanceW CConover1940Sketch by OwnerConstruct new home
NaveWilliam M2000 Block of 2nd St NWHickory1959D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
NewtonN M611 5th Avenue NEHickoryConstruct new home. Information from Dot Crouch
NicholsD Lawrence, Mr and Mrs328 5th Ave NEHickory1949Construct new home
NoblinR L716 N Center StHickory1950Elmer GylleckConstruct new home
NormanE J835 6th St NWHickory1952Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
OlsenClifford R, Mr and Mrs339 7th Ave NEHickory1950Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
ParkerBruce, Mr and Mrs521 14th Ave NWHickory1951Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
ParksW H, Mrs , Robert, and William Jr.555 N Center StHickory1950Robert Griffin ParksConstruct new home
ParlierJudson, Mr and Mrs1067 16th Avw NWHickory1947C W Ervin, SrConstruct new home
ParrishHarry Lee1048 5th Street NEHickory1938Sketch by Conrad CrouchConstruct new home
PattersonG. R., Mr and Mrs1446 6th Street Circle NWHickory1936D L SigmondConstruct new home
PedenJames G., Mr and Mrs.932 4th Ave Dr NWHickory1962Alan Ingram, revisions by C. G. MasonConstruct new home
PerkinsC.1932Q E HermanConstruct new home
PerryChester, Mr and Mrs806 14th Ave NWHickory1961Philippe W GilissenConstruct new home. Correct address?
PerryChester, Mr and Mrs20 6th Ave NWHickory1941R L ClemmerConstruct new home
PetreeJames P809 8th Ave NWHickory1970Herman H YorkConstruct new home
PhiferRobertTerrace PlaceMorganton1958Harrell & ClarkConstruct new home
PhillipsJames and Nancy84 17th Ave Ct NWHickory1959James N SherrillConstruct new home. Featured in House and Garden Magazine, October 1963. Remodeled in 1970.
PhillipsP Vaughn, Mr and MrsOld N C Highway 10
West of Hildebran
Hildebran1953D L SigmonConstruct new home
PhillipsSpurgeon530 5th Ave NEHickory1957D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
PichonA. A.Edgewood StMorganton1953OwnerConstruct new home
PoeD. W. , Mr. and Mrs.1935MG CrouchConstruct new home
PonsJohnValdese1940Harry A BoggsConstruct new home
PooleClifton A829 6th St NWHickory1950Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
PooveyAuburn, Dr and Mrs338 8th Ave NEHickory1953Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
PoteatC. M.Drexel1930Labor and material to construct a residence. Carpenter labor by owner.
PowellT. B., Mr and MrsMorganton1937Construct new home
PreslarA. J., Mr and Mrs580 12th Ave NEHickory1947Garlinghouse Plan #123Construct new home
PritchettJames T, Mr and MrsMaehill Park, Hibriten AvenueLenoir1938Clarence P. Coffey, Bernard OlsenConstruct new home
PyleN. W.2321 Crescent Avenue ExtensionCharlotte1929Construct new home
RamseurMilton1443 11th Street NWHickory1941M G CrouchConstruct new home
RamsourJ Mid409 5th St NWHickory1929Construct new home
ReeseEarl W.705 2nd St N EHickory1937Q E HermanConstruct new home
ReinhardtEdward (Ed)6793 Startown RdMaiden1970New residence for employee of Crouch Lumber
Rhodhiss MillsRhodhiss1933Construct eight 3-room houses
RhoneyHoward MGeorge Hildebran RoadHickory1971Construct new home
RitchieDavid2145 Startown RdNewton1978Paul AbernethyConstruct new home
RobinsonLina H, MrsGranite Falls1939D L SigmondConstruct new home
RobinsonT. C., Mr and MrsForrest AveGranite Falls1972Newspaper plan, modified by M. G. Crouch Lumber Co.Construct new home
RogersP E, Mr and Mrs543 5th St NWHickory1948Ms Leah H RogersConstruct new home
RoweJamesConstruct new home. Labeled photograph in file.
RoweJohn M1265 6th St NWHickory1955Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
RoweWillis1806 2nd St NWHickory1954Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
RutherfordM. H.Valdese1931Arthur Neil Robinson, Atlanta GAConstruct new home and garage
RutherfordP. M.ValdeseConstruct new home
SaineArthur740 4th Street DriveHickory1915Construct new home. First home built in Hickory by M. G. Crouch
SaineBelton CRoute 1Hickory1951MG Crouch Lumber CoConstruct new home
SaineJoe, Mr and MrsOff Highway 127Hickory1957Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
SamsA. F., Mr and MrsStatesville1935Benton & Benton, Wilson NCConstruct new home and garage
ScarboroughB E (Bill), Mr and Mrs692 1st St NWHickory1948Garlinghouse Plan #2749Construct new home
SebringPaul E.1934Q E HermanConstruct new home
SetzerAlbert, Mr and MrsHickory1936D L SigmondConstruct new home
SharpeJerry, Mr and MrsIcard1971Revised plans from original sketches by Jack KincaidConstruct new home
ShellRalph, Mr and Mrs1047 12th Ave NWHickory1958James L Beam Jr.Construct new home
ShellyPaul, DrConstruct new home
SherrillJ. E., Mr. and Mrs.their farm in Burke County1931Construct new home
SherrillPaulHickory1938D L SigmondConstruct new home
SherrodW. J., Mr and MrsConover1937D Carroll Abee, from sketh by ownerConstruct new home
ShoafGlenn C, Mr and Mrs929 14th Ave NWHickory1981Owner and Paul AbernathyConstruct new home
ShoafGlenn C, Mr and Mrs1296 9th St NWHickory1961D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
ShoresR M (Pat), Mr. and Mrs.838 7th St NWHickory1948OwnerConstruct new home
ShortSam1932Construct new residence and shed. Handwritten contract in pencil.
ShufordAdrian L, Jr.117 1st Ave SConover1959Lowenstein-AtkinsonConstruct new home
ShufordJake H., Dr1013 14th Ave NWHickory1954Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
ShufordJames C, Mrs3114 HWY 127 NHickory1941R L ClemmerConstruct new home
ShufordJoe W630 4th Ave NWHickory1953Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
SigmonDan E.Highway #6 between Newton and MaidenMaiden1930Mr. PropstConstruct new home
SigmonGeorge1929Mr. FridayConstruct new residence on lot. Mr. Sigmon bought existing house with adjacent vacant lot.
SigmonR. A.Claremont1932J. J. SigmonConstruct new home. Short handwritten contract, followed by formal document.
SigmonWilfred L.3394 Sandy Ford RdNewton1967Stuart R Penn, MorgantonConstruct new residence in accordance with plans and specifications
SillsJoe, Mr and MrsHickory1939D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
SimmonsGeorge, Mr and MrsConover1938Robert L ClemmerConstruct new home
SmithEd863 1st St NEHickoryConstruct new home
SmyreM E (?)Catawba CountyMr FridayConstruct new home. Carbon copy of handwritten contract on two pages.
SmyreP. L. and PaulineHickory1929Construct new home
Southern Power Company (Duke)Buck Steam StationSpencer1925Construct dwelling houses and garages. Based on receipt dated July 19, 1926 which refers to contract.
SpainhourJack E, Mr and Mrs1309 10th St PLHickory1963Jerome R Cerny, Lake Forest ILConstruct new home
SparksGladysMorgantonConstruct new home. Replaces house that burned. Contractor to use any materials from present house that are not damaged.
SpeaglePaul, Mr and Mrs1514 6th St NWHickory1941M G CrouchConstruct new home
SpeaglePaul, Mr and MrsHickory1939Construct new home
SprattB M600 N Center StHickory1928Remodeled 1939 by MG Crouch Lumber. Childhood home of Dorothy Spratt Crouch who drew some of the design for the remodel.
SpringsJohn A, Jr857 7th St NWHickory1941D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
StarnesPerry M, Dr and Mrs449 5th Ave Pl NEHickory1950D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
StevensonGuy550 11th Ave CirNWHickory1952OwnerConstruct new home
StewartDan, Dr925 4th Ave Dr NWHickory1941M G CrouchConstruct new home
StiffA Olin, Dr and Mrs1146 Gardiol AveValdese1959Stuart R PennConstruct new home
SutherDixon925 N Center StHickory1953Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
SuttlemyreP JHickory1940Construct new home. Owner to furnish all rough lumber for house. Contractor to dry and mill lumber.
TaylorD. B., Mr and MrsHickory1936Robert L ClemmerConstruct new home
TeeterMac1618 6th St NWHickory1962Stuart PennConstruct new home
TerrellJohn W1004 5th Ave NWHickory1941John J Croft, JrConstruct new home
TilleyPaul, Dr and Mrs622 Woodland StHudson1972W L Corley Plan ServiceConstruct new home
ToddBrooks M., Mr and Mrs441 16th Ave NWHickory1940Construct new home
TomlinJ. I., MrStatesville1939Roger C. McCarlConstruct new home
TownsendJames A, Mr and Mrs1030 16th Avenue circle NWHickory1964Home Builder s Plan Service, Plan 347 with revisionsConstruct new home
TownsendRobertRoute 2 – Falling CreekHickory1956Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
TriplettF. S., MrHickory1940Construct new home
TunnellJack230 5th Ave NEHickory1956Construct new home
TwisdaleLawrence, Mr and Mrs2030, 2nd St NWHickory1962Abee & BiggsConstruct new home
UmsteadEdwin H.412 6th Street NWHickory1933Robert L ClemmerConstruct new home
UnderdownP. C. “Neal”, Mr and MrsConstruct new home. Labeled photograph in files.
VanderLindenW H, Dr and Mrs , Harry, and Frank457 5th Ave Pl NEHickory1941Q E HermanConstruct new home
VaughnL. H.Hickory1940Floor plan by owner, roof plan as shown on The Omaha design in bookConstruct new home
WalkerE M, Rev and MrsHildebran1940OwnerConstruct new home
WalkerJimConstruct new home
WaltonE. W.624 2nd Ave NWHickory1940R L ClemmerConstruct new home
WaltonElwood W, Jr.840 4th Ave NWHickory1953Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
WaltonJ. T.1933Robert L ClemmerConstruct new home
WeaverRayConstruct new home. Possible remodel.
WeaverWilliam R., Jr., Mr and Mrs570 11th Ave Cir NWHickory1951Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
WebberJames E612 2nd St NEHickory1950Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
WestA. M., Mr and Mrs351 2nd St NEHickory1959Harrell & ClarkConstruct new home
Western Carolina Power Company100, 102, 104, 106, 108 and 110 Lake Street; 300, 302, 401 and 403 Carolina StreetRhodhiss1924Western Carolina PowerConstruct two 6-room, eight 5-room, one-story homes at power plant
WhaleyJames, Dr605 2nd Ave NWHickoryConstruct new home
WhisnantClarence1230 6th St NWHickory1958Abee & BiggsRebuilding of home
WhisnantErnest E4331 HWY 127 NorthHickory1950Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
WhiteEdward L657 18th Ave Dr NWHickory1959James N SherrillConstruct new home
WhiteW E, MrsMorganton1940R L ClemmerConstruct new home
WhiteW M516 12th Ave NEHickory1960Stuart PennConstruct new home
WhitenerHarry804 4th Ave Dr NWHickory1961D Carroll AbeeConstruct new home
WhitenerJ T, MrsHickory1940Construct new home
WhitenerPaul215 7th St SEHickory1940Owner’s SketchConstruct new home as 3-room artist’s cottage. Source: From Tavern to Town Revisited page 216
WhitenerT. Manly Jr.2043 2nd St NWHickory1959Six AssociatesConstruct new home
Wilfong JrTommy C., Jr., Mr and Mrs435 5th Street SEHickory1948National Plan Service, The LorenConstruct new home
WilkieJohnHickoryConstruct new home
WilliamsT. Richard, Dr and Mrs95 9th Ave NEHickory1955Plans from American Home magazine, revised by Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
WinborneRoger MLenoir1941R L ClemmerConstruct new home
WolfeCarl, Mr and Mrs702 3rd St NEHickory1941Q E HermanConstruct new home
WoosleyM B, MrsGranite Falls1940D L SigmondConstruct new home. Plans originally for R. I. Thompson, with changes.
WootenWalter, Mr and Mrs625 5th St NWHickory1956Ms Q E HermanConstruct new home
YarboroughC. R.Greene StreetMorganton1935Sketch by ownerConstruct new home
YeagerMasonHickory1936Q E HermanConstruct new home
YoderM. C., ProfHickory1940D L SigmonConstruct new home
YountWorth, Mr. and Mrs.Granite Falls1935D. L. SigmonConstruct new home
ZahnerKenyen B. and Jane H.7th StNewton1964William P ReinhardtConstruct new home
ZimmermanWalter815 18th Ave Dr NWHickory1968Sherman Pardue & Co.Construct new home