Crouch House List – Remodels

Crouch House List – Remodels

In addition to building new homes, M. G. Crouch Lumber Company remodeled many others to fit changing family needs. The projects ranged from rebuilding a single room to major additions which completely transformed a home. Many alter projects featured kitchens designed by Bobbie Landis.

Listings in the Crouch House List are based on a variety of sources, primarily company files containing contracts, photographs, job books, floor plans, and related documents. Other sources include Hickory Landmarks publications, newspaper articles, and personal interviews.

If you would like more information on a particular home, please contact Hickory Landmarks Society who holds the Crouch Lumber Company archives. The Crouch House List is based on the best information available, but the company records are incomplete, so additions and corrections are welcome.

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Owner Last NameOwner First NameAddressCityYearArchitectDescription of Work
Abernethy – Ingold – DollG. Shuford, Dr.404 3rd Avenue NEHickory1974Remodel existing house for Dr. Abernethy
AbernethyW L, Mrs.Tenth AvenueHickory1937Repairs to house for Rev. J. H. Armbrust, pastor of First Methodist Episcopal Church South, Hickory.
AndersonW PMorganton1932Add room, toilet and porch. Carbon copy of handwritten contract and pencil copy.
AustinO. B., Mr. and MrsHickory1937Repairs to roof, extend porch, plaster, paint
BarkerR SHickory1941Repairs, alterations and additions as listed in contract. Former Tom Clay residence.
BoisseauAlex C.1956Beemer HarrollRemodel home, plumbing work
BolickVincent, Mrs & Mary Francis29 Forest AvenueGranite Falls1974MG Crouch Lumber CoAdditions and alterations to residence
BroomeKarl WHickory1931Martin L. Hampton, Hickory #128-HModifications to existing residence. Add porch and French door to Music Room, new flooring downstairs, existing floor to be reused on second floor.
BumbargerPaul, Mr and MrsHickory1958Sketch by contractorAdd recreation room, plus other modifications to existing residence
CarverDr R W1940Repairs to rental home, convert upstairs to second apartment.
CloningerR. G.Eighth StreetHickory1930Repairs to existing house
DavisJohn, Dr2nd Avenue NEHickory1954Remodel home to doctor’s office and upstairs rental
DealCharles M, MrsHickoryRepair or replace fire damage in living room, front bedroom, dining room, kitchen, rear entry, rear bedroom, middle living room, bedroom closet, hall, bathroom, and wiring.
DixonCharles, Mr and Mrs421 14th Avenue NWHickory1963Additions and changes to existing residence. Extend living room, new chimney, extend den, new terrace.
DrumTed1428 12th Street Drive NWHickory1955Addition bath and closet
DunkakAlbert F.1953Addition over garage
Ellington, Mrs. Lydia FrazierHendley E and Billie F549 North Center StreetHickory1953Sketch by Jack HallConstruct two-room addition with closets, bath and porch.
FanjoyA W, Mr & MrsStatesville1939Repairs to living room and den. Plastering, wood paneling, new mantels, door, bookcase, three member base and cornice, painting.
Gabriel / SpringsRalph, Mr and Mrs & Mrs. John857 Seventh St NWHickory1973Frank HortonErect addition and remodel garage
GardnerMs Shelby and Henrietta Hale (daughter)1931Move and remodel house, build new garage. Home known as “old home place”
GarrouLouis, Mr and MrsValdese1962Abee & BiggsConstruct addition to residence
GoodeT. V., Mrs1934Remodel home: chimney, build path, new terrace
GrillHenryValdese1959Harrell & ClarkAlterations to owner’s house
HarveyCharles556 North Center StreetHickory19681940s home remodeled in 1968 for Charles Jeffers
HawnClarenceCatawba County1928Repairs to existing home
HeavnerCarroll, Mr and Mrs501 South Academy StreetLincolnton1979Alterations to owners residence
HemphillSamuel M., Mr and Mrs344 7th Avenue NEHickory1966Bob Bush of Clemmer & HortonFinish off basement
HenkelG O, Mr and MrsHickory1937Repairs on owner’s home
Hickory, City ofHickory1940Repairs to James Shuford residence due to flood waters
HoffmanGeorge A.1956Not specified
HollarJames C., Mr and Mrs935 18th Avenue Drive HWHickory1979Convert terrace to glassed-in room, relocate existing gazebo
HollarKathleen M.625 Fourth St DrHickory1975MG Crouch Lumber CoAdditions and alterations to owner’s residence
HollarMinnie E1422 11th AvenueHickory1934Clemmer HortonNew wing, sleeping porch.
HoneycuttGrover, Mr and MrsRoute 9Hickory1979Remodel kitchen
HuffmanOtus1930Work included porch, chimney, extend dining room, new kitchen, extend bedroom, enclose back porch, brick veneer
HunsuckerW J1937Alterations to home
HuttonDonald1939R L ClemmerRemodel owner’s residence
HuttonGeorge N., Mr and Mrs1816 5th Street NWHickory1978Fred Abernethy of Clemmer, Horton, Bush & SillsNew roof, enlarge den, alter basement.
InmanJohn HHickory1936owner sketchFinish upstairs
IveyG. F.Hickory1932Work to be done on existing home
IveyLeonHickory1942Addition to present residence
JonesEmery L., Mr and Mrs530 North Center StreetHickory1953Sketch by Mrs. Q. E. HermanAddition to right side of owner’s residence
JoyA K, MrsHickory1935Add brick veneer, painting
KeeverJ. W., Dr.Hickory1943Repairs fire damage to home
KeeverMary and BerthaHickory1959Repairs to old Ballew House
KinneDavid & Linda, Mr and Mrs221 3rd Street NEHickory1979Alterations to existing home
LentzE W, Mr and MrsHickory1939Q L HermanAdd 2 baths
LinkB P, Mr and MrsStatesville1939Remodel home as directed by owner
MaDanGerard, Mr. and Mrs556 3rd Street NEHickory1954Mrs Q E HermanConstruct two-room addition, bath and porch
Manor House Investment Co.Hickory1981M G Crouch Lumber CoOne story addition to Unit #1
MarshH B, Mr and MrsHickory1954Construct addition of bedroom, office and carport
MenziesB. G.Hickory1936Remodel residence that was burnt
MiddletonDoug, Mr and Mrs842 North Aspen StreetLincolnton1979MG Crouch Lumber CoWork on owner’s residence
MillerH. Grady, Mr and MrsRoute 6Hickory1980Charley Johnson, Designs UnlimitedAdditions and changes to owner’s residence
MillerJohn H., Mr and Mrs606 2nd Ave NWHickory1970Convert present carport into den
MillsEllis, MrHickory1936Additions and repairs to rental property
MorrellW. F.1929Mr. FridayRemodel existing house including replace chimneys, new floors, new stairways, build second story on house, new roof
NewtonMarvinHickory1938Repairs to owner’s home
PerkinsJohn T, MrsMorgantonAdd 4 rooms to home
PhillipsJohnny, Mr and MrsRoute 2, Box 114Hickory1954Remodel home
PichonA. A., Mr and MrsMorganton1960Remodel existing home
PoteetJ. M.Morganton1935Remodel home including brick veneer house, move porch, add bath, new chimney
PughJames E (Jim), Mr and Mrs521 3rd Avenue NWHickory1956Sketches by Mrs Q E Herman from original plansRemodel George Ivey house
RhyneE. P., Mr. and Mrs.Hickory1937Build new garage
ShellRalphHickory1941D Carroll AbeeRepairs to present residence
SherrillO. T.Hickory1935Repairs to home
ShoafGlenn C., Mr and MrsHickory1958Rework kitchen and breakfast room
SigmonWilfred L., Mr and MrsRoute 3Newton1980Paul AbernathyInstall roof over rear terrace
SimmonsHarvey L., Mr and MrsHIghway #321Conover1979Alterations to owner’s residence
SimmonsRaymond R. (Bob), Mr and Mrs226 20th Avenue Place NWHickory1970Architecture III, HickoryConstruct addition and remodel east end of owner’s residence
SimpsonRoy E., Mr and Mrs1563 Eleventh Street Extension NWHickory1969James N SherrillConstruct addition to present residence.
Simpson and othersR. J., Mrs.Morganton1935Renovate old Perry HomeRenovate Lula B. Perry residence
SmithSid and MaurieMove existing house 15 feet, add 2 rooms downstairs and 3 rooms upstairs.
SprattB. M.600 North Center StreetHickory1928Dorothy CrouchRemodeled 1939 by M. G. Crouch Lumber Company. Childhood home of Dorothy Spratt Crouch who made drawings for the remodeling job.Mr. and Mrs. B.M. Spratt, June 15, 1939, Robert L. Clemmer Architect, Alterations and Additions to Residence.
TeagueC Van, Mr and MrsHickory1953Sketch by Bobbie LandisConstruct addition of two rooms and bath
TeeterJ Mac, Mr and MrsHickory1954Finish off upstairs of residence
TerrellJohn, Mr and Mrs1958Tashiro and BolickConstruct left bedroom wing addition
Valdese Weavers, A T Cashion VP747 North Center StreetHickory1954Remodel home including convert porch to den, add new den, remodel kitchen, convert den to bedroom with addition, add breakfast room
WagnerM. R.Hickory1935Q E HermanInstall new bath room
Whitener, Jr.T. Manly, Mr and Mrs2043 Second St NWHickory1965Six Associates, AshvilleConstruct addition to owner s residence
WilliamsH. P., Mrs.Hickory1933Install plumbing and heating, repairs to home
WilliamsHarry, Mr and MrsHickory1952Sketch by Mrs Q E HermanConstruct addition to present home
WingoBrownie, MrsHickory1960MG Crouch Lumber Co sketchAdd bedroom over existing carport
WykeFred, Mr and Mrs731 Ninth Street NWHickory1972MG Crouch Lumber CoConstruct new addition to residence
YountErvin C., Mr. and Mrs.Morningside1933Finish upstairs and build sun parlor
YukevichStan, Mr and Mrs710 Third Avenue NEConover1975Changes, alterations and additions